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The District 2 meeting was held on March 6th, 2022 at the Tampa Letter Carrier Hall with 38 in attendance. NBA Lynne Pendleton gave training on “How to build a better grievance file”. Eddie Davidson from HQ talked about the current legislative issues we are facing in Washington. Polk County Education President, Stephanie Yocum, talked about issues relating to teachers and some legislation in Tallahassee they were watching. Tampa Representative Kathy Castor talked about her support of letter carrier issues and bills in Washington and stayed to let anyone who wanted to, take pictures with her posing with a T-Shirt we presented to her with “US Mail is Not For Sale.” Matty Rose spoke on NALCREST, the Disaster Relief Fund and on his being an AFLCIO delegate. Stacy Watkins, (a former member of Branch 1753) spoke on customer connect. FSALC Al Friedman spoke on the upcoming food drive.

I would like to thank the members of Branch 2072, Ft Myers, for the lovely hooded jacket they presented to me. I love it! They also presented one to NBA Lynne Pendleton. Also, a big thank you to Branch 599 for the use of their hall, maybe for the last time due to the hall being sold, and to President Tony Diaz for arranging for the great food we enjoyed. And yes, we did have Cuban sandwiches!

An upcoming Steward training is being considered. If you would be interested in attending, please let me know so I can keep you informed when the details are finalized.
I hope everyone is surviving these trying times. Remember safety is YOUR responsibility and should be taken seriously. Wear your seat belts, close your doors, don’t use your phone while driving, beware of dogs on your route and don’t feed them treats, obey all traffic laws, take your breaks and lunches, and hydrate! Some of those things I have personally witnessed while driving in town so if I can see it, so can management.

I have been attending Branch meetings once again to sign up members to the LCPF. If you sign up new or increase your deduction, I have T-Shirts, mugs, lanyards, coasters, key chains, and poker chips to give out. With mid term elections coming soon, we need your support as no union dues are used for this fund.
Have a Great Spring and Safe Summer!

Joanne Cannon
District 2 Chairperson






















2021 District 2 Report:
With the convention only days away, I would like to say I am running for
reelection to the position of District 2 Chairperson, a position I have held since
being appointed in 2016. I have enjoyed visiting many branch meetings,
holding district trainings each year as well as acting as an installing officer for
a few branches. Since the pandemic, things really have been different and I
cant wait for the convention in Orlando to see many of you in person again.
I was released by National to work labor 2020 last year and that was really
different! Since we were not allowed to go door to door, we made calls from
home all day and into the night. I was assigned the Treasure Coast area and
worked with Kevin Byrne and Rocco Dimise. We were a small team, but
made thousands of calls. We may have lost the state but we did win the White
House! I have made numerous calls to our Representatives in both
Washington and Tallahassee on those issues of importance to us as well as
office visits locally to Representative Buchanan (as I am also the LCCL for
his district). Don’t forget to sign up for the LCPF and download the NALC
app on your phones to keep up with the latest news.
I am on the audit committee and we met twice a year to go over the books.
With only minor things found, the books were in order and the State is in good
hands financially. Treasurer Mike Clark is to be commended on his excellent
record keeping and a report will be made to the convention delegates.
I am looking forward to the convention/training in Orlando and hope to see
you there. If I can be of any assistance, please contact me at 941-812-7113
and leave a message as my phone has been acting up lately or email me at
jcann24@aol,com. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank You for your support in the past and I look forward to our continued
cooperation in the future.
Joanne Cannon
District 2 Chairperson


District 2 training was held on Sunday, February 24th at NALCREST. Seventy three people attended with several taking a tour of the facility given by Matty Rose. NBA Lynne Pendleton gave steward training and President Al Friedman and District Chair Joanne Cannon gave legislative updates. Representative Darren Soto’s aid Darren Veriday attended in his place and gave a few comments on his behalf.




































The district 2 meeting was held on 2/18/18 at Branch 1753’s union hall in
Bradenton with 46 people in attendance. Branches represented were:
1753 (Bradenton), 59 9 (Tampa), 1 A ( Nalcrest ), 2008 (Clearwater), 147 7 (St.
Pete), 1779(Lakeland), 2072 Ft. Myers), and 5480(Venice).                                                   Also in attendance were FSALC President Al Friedman, VP Anthony Ali & RAA
Jeff Siciunas. We also welcomed members from Nalcrest and will include
them in future District 2 meetings. After prayer and flag, President Friedman
gave opening remarks and also spoke on the upcoming food drive. Anthony
talked about the LCPF and how, we are losing CCA’s when they have their
break in service and retirees when they retire. Both need to be re-signed up
to the fund . LCPO Eddie Davidson gave each branch president a
spreadsheet on branch activities in the LCPF and how to read each column.
Easy to sign up new contributors or increase amounts. I spoke on HR
15,28,31 and co sponsors for each and also the importance of branches
sending members to Tallahassee on their own and not waiting for the State to
do it. Some Representatives we make contact with in Tallahassee go on to
Washington so it is important to establish good relations early. There was a
member of Branch 1477 who spoke on MDA and how we can get involved.
Tampa CLC Cheryl Schroder had a conflict of events that day but sent some
paperwork on bills they are watching that was included in the packet. After
lunch, prepared by Branch 1753 member Mike Silvestri (good job Mike and
thank you again) and Barbara Miller’s deviled eggs (thanks Barbara), RAA
Jeff Siciunas went over form 3971, ELM 513.11 (SL /employee
incapicitation), 513 .342 (approval/disapproval), 513.361 (SL documentation
required), 513.364 (medical documentation or acceptable evidence), 434.421
(eligibility for holiday leave pay), M-01597 (deems desirable), OT, and
medical certification. It was good to see such a good turnout, even if on
Daytona 500 day, and welcome to Nalcrest Branch 1A. A suggestion was
made to hold the next training at Nalcrest so many can also tour the facility.
Will keep you posted when this will occur.
Thanks again to everyone who helped make this such a successful training.
Joanne Cannon
District 2 Chairperson


Retirement Seminar Photos


I would like to start out by saying what an honor it is to be asked to be your District 2 Representative. I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing a lot of you in the district and look forward to meeting some new faces when I have the opportunity of attending your Branch meetings to share Legislative updates with you.
I worked for the Postal Service for 34 years before retiring in 2011. I have held many positions in my Branch 1753 including Secretary nearly 15 years, Vice President, President, Steward, and Trustee. I have been on the Safety committee, JRAP route count team, local negotiations as well as being CDL for District 16 for many years. I am currently released staff working on Labor 2016 until after the elections. I have been to Tallahassee and Washington, D.C several times to lobby members on the Hill and worked on the Vote By Mail bill that we were successful in getting past last year. I hope to see many of you at the training seminar in Orlando on October 13-16th.

Joanne Cannon
District 2



On February 19th a district 2 meeting was held with 28 people present, representing Branches 1753, 2008, 5480, 1477 and 2072.

FSALC President AL Friedman gave opening remarks and introduced Branch Presidents and other guests present. Legislative bills covered by Chairman and CDL-16, Joanne Cannon included HB 15, HB 28, HB 31 and new bills now being introduced HB 756 and 760. Legislative Assistant Eddie Davidson also expanded on the bills and how they affect our future. Lunch was served and  then RAA Don Lyerly presented chapter 2 training on route count and inspections. After training, we were introduced to a program on OWCP that provides names of Doctors in our area who participate in OWCP claims. Thanks to all who attended my first District meeting and a special thank you to branch 1753 for letting us use their hall and retiree Nancy Thurkettle for her help with food preparations.

Joanne Cannon

District 2 Chair