State Legislative Liaison Report

Legislative Report Kevin Byrne, State Legislative Liaison, FSALC                            December, 2020

While the results of the November 3rd election indicate that Joe Biden has sufficient electoral votes to be declared the winner of the presidential election, there are still legal challenges being heard. Up until now, there has been no evidence introduced that supports allegations of voter fraud and there is little chance that any overturned results would achieve a different outcome.

This is good news for letter carriers and postal employees. Since elected, Donald Trump has targeted the postal service and called for cuts to our benefits and collective bargaining rights. He has recently gone as far as to falsely accuse postal employees of tampering with hundreds of thousands of votes to sway the election. With the election of Joe Biden, the NALC has a friend in the White House.

The most important unresolved issue is the runoff primary for both Senate seats in the state of Georgia. Should both democrats win in the January 5th runoff, there will be a tie in the Senate and the tiebreaking vote would then go to the Vice President, Kamala Harris. This presents an opportunity for real postal reform in the next session of congress as well as the opportunity for many other advancements for working families.