FSALC Mission Statement To accomplish the goals of the National NALC, as set  forth in the National Constitution and to enforce the State Bylaws. Make the internal workings of the FSALC’s Transparent and Accountable to the membership. Through Education and Training, make the State first in the nation Legislatively, and in all other aspects of UNIONISM. Together the membership will prevail…The Struggle Continues.


This is an update on our efforts to change the term “absentee ballot” to “vote by mail ballot”.

The Senate version, SB 894, sponsored by Sen. Geraldine Thompson has had very little resistance.. In fact it has cleared the first two committees it was assigned to by a unanimous vote. It now goes before the Senate Rules committee.

On the House side, we have not had the same luck. Our bill, HB 971, was first assigned to the Government Operations subcommittee where it did NOT even get a hearing. Initially we were led to believe that that would be the end of it. But we have not given up the fight. We do have a few options left.

1.) Call the Speaker of the House, Rep. Steve Crisafulli , at ( 850-717- 5000) and ask that the bill ( HB 971) be assigned to the full State Affairs Committee.

2.) Let the bill run it’s course through the Senate, let it pass, and ask that the  Speaker of the House allow the full House to vote on the bill. ( HB 971)

3.) Ask the Chairman of the Rules Committee ,Rep. Rich Workman , (850-717-4880) to waive the rule requiring more than one committee and ask that the bill (HB 971) be sent to the next committee, which IS the State Affairs Committee.

4.) Find a bill similar in nature and try to persuade the sponsor of the bill to allow our bill (HB971) be added on as an amendment.

We have asked Rep. Larry Lee Jr., the sponsor of this bill to pursue all of these avenues and make these calls.

In addition, I have called two Republican state representatives from my county delegation and asked that they also call the Speaker of the House.

So, as you can see, we do have a few options left. I’m asking that we mobilize our members across the state and make these calls to the speaker of the house and also to call your own state representative and ask that he/ she also make this request of the speaker.

I will update when more information is available.

In solidarity,

Kevin J Byrne, State Legislative Liaison, Branch 1690, West Palm Beach

Senators by Committee

State Reps by Committee


Special Thanks to Joanne Wright….. from a member…

“I would like to thank Joanne Wright for assisting me on my OWCP nightmare i am having. The little time i spoke to her on the phone has given me an open window to pursue thank you. God Bless “

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