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Its easy to become a real 2012 NALC Carrier Corp member. Go to and

click on the Carrier Corp logo. It will give you all the details to become a NALC

activist. This Carrier Corp is not like the past program. In the past election cycles

NALC National Business Agents competed to get as many members to sign up for

the CORP. However, when called upon to help in elections and the NALC Political

program, only a few could be found. The 2012 program is meaningful and real. The effective dates to qualify to be a CORP member is January 1, 2011, through the 2012 election cycle. So if you

qualify, follow the instructions on or go to and link to If

you have questions, Branch Presidents should be able to answer any questions

about the program.

If they cannot, contact me or the NALC legislative office at (202) 393- 4695.


If you submit forms to qualify for a 2012 Carrier Corp Tee-shirt and higher level

status, I must verify it, and the NALC will mail the shirt and awards directly to you.

Donʼt confuse the 2012 Carrier Corp shirt with the NALC “Letter Carriers Support

Workersʼ Rights” shirt. Those are for special events and rallies, like the one I am

wearing in the photo on page 6, of the June 2011 Postal record. Get involved

before its too late.




The 2011 NALC Food Drive resulted in Branch 1477 West Coast Letter Carriers

winning their category and being number one in the nation. Tampa FL, Branch 599

was second in the same category and second in the nation. Last year the

placement was reversed. Also the preliminary results has Branch 2072 Ft Myers,

Fl, Clearwater Branch 2008, and Ocala, FL, Branch 1103 first in their category.

When the official results are released, Florida will have several cities in the top 25.

Congratulations to all for the dedication and extra work to make the 2011 NALC

Food Drive another success.


Al Friedman VP FSALC, has been and is the driving force behind Florida being a

leader in the Food Drive. Al will be traveling to NALC Headquarters on June13,

2011, for a debriefing with the Food Drive Corporate Sponsors and other leaders in

making the NALC Food Drive the largest one day collector of food in the nation.

Get ready for next year, it will be the 20th anniversary of the NALC Food Drive.


2011 FSALC Convention Update


The FSALC Convention is approaching quickly. Those Branches who have not

sent in their registration fee, please do so immediately. If the fee is not paid on

time, the delegate will not be valid. All registered delegates will be receiving a

letter in June 2011 outlining facts and information concerning the Convention

and Training Seminar. Please advise O. D. Elliott, Secretary FSALC, of

delegates that are not attending the Convention. Materials will be ordered for

the Convention and so not to waste members dues money, only delegates

attending the Convention will receive credentials and Convention bags.

There will be an enhanced memorial ceremony to acknowledged the NALC

letter carrier members who passed away since the last FSALC Convention. It

would be helpful if Branch Presidents would furnish me the names of members

who died recently so they can be incorporated in the memorial ceremony.




The drawing for the 2011 FSALC Scholarship will be made at the State

Convention, July 28-29, 2011. The current Scholarship application is on Make sure the application deadline, July 8, 2011, is met. The

application must be postmarked on or before July 8, 2011. E-mail submissions

will not be accepted.




On May 2, 2011, two members of Branch 109, Central Florida Letter Carriers

and I were at the Deltona Fl City Hall to receive a NALC Food Drive

Proclamation from the Mayor proclaiming May 14, 2011, Letter Carrier Day.

On May 4, 2011, the back dock at the Deland, FL Post Office was the setting for

the Deland Mayor to make a similar presentation as did the Deltona Mayor. All

of Branch 2591 members were in assembly and joined by the Postmaster. That

evening the FSALC Officers participated in the monthly conference call.

Food Drive events continued on May 10, 2011, for the VALPAC Corp National

Food Drive kickoff in St. Petersburg, FL. Several FSALC officers, Branch

officers and members attended the event. Local elected officials, and

representatives from Members of Congress Young and Caster was present. Al

Friedman FSALC VP and I addressed the crowd. Most notably absent was

the Governor. Florida Governor Scott who was invited and never responded. He did

not issue a state-wide proclamation as did his predecessors.

On May 11, 2011, I was invited to attend the General Membership Meeting in

Melbourne, Fl, at Branch 2689ʼ s union hall. I discussed COLCPE and the

current legislative climate.


On Food Drive Day, May 14, 2011, I dodged rain drops at the Daytona Beach,

FL, main office, helping unload trucks full of food. Several Branch 53 members

volunteered their time to feed the hungry. That evening I attended the Union

Night baseball game at the Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach, Fl. It

was sponsored by the Volusia/Flagler Central Labor Counsel.


Back again in Daytona Beach, FL, on Sunday, May 15, 2011, helping to give

Governor Scott a PINK SLIP. The demonstration was in front of a hotel where

the Governor was speaking at a Republican fund raiser.


On May 24,2011, I attended Branch 2008ʼ s meeting in Tarpon Springs Fl. Once

again, I discussed COLCPE, and political and legislative matters. I met with the

newly appointed CDL for Congressional District #5, Jerry Lonergan to discuss

his new duties.


As you know President Fred Rolando appointed me as a National NALCREST

Trustee. I have been visiting the NALCREST Community often to adhere to my

duties. If any NALC retired member is looking for a great retirement spot, call



Thatʼs it for this month, until next time, I remain in Unity and Solidarity,

Matty Rose President, FSALC June 10, 2011





Last month’s update highlighted the importance of the legislative work the FSALC

and the NALC is doing to preserve the active carriers jobs, the USPS and benefits for both retiree and active carriers. The NALCʼs semi-annual State Presidents Meeting was held in Washington, DC April 3-6, 2011. FSALC VP Al Friedman and I attended the meeting. On April 4, 2011, we stormed Capitol Hill visiting the Florida delegation requesting that they support House Resolution 137 and HR 1351. Cosigners are slowly putting their names on both items. However, every letter carrier needs to support our legislative efforts. All CDLʼs have been instructed to reach out to their Representative to support our issues. President Rolando has sent an e-activist message out to all those on the list to contact their representative for support. The Postal Record and the NALC website has all the information you need to get going on our issues. Donʼt make a mistake in your life and miss the opportunity to protect your jobs.


SEPTEMBER 23, 1913


The FSALC is almost a century old. A charter exists and is currently at Branch 1477,

St Petersburg, Fl. It will be on display at the 2011 FSALC Convention. A request was

made in my past few monthly newsletters for documents related to the history of the

FSALC. Again, I ask each Branch to search their archives for any material that will

aid in reconstructing the history of the State Association.


2011 FSALC Convention Update


The FSALC Convention is approaching quickly. Those Branches who have not sent

in their registration fee, please do so immediately. If the fee is not paid on time, the

delegate will not be valid. All registered delegates will be receiving a letter in June

2011 outlining facts and information concerning the Convention and Training

Seminar. Please advise O. D. Elliott, Secretary FSALC, of delegates that are not

attending the Convention. Materials will be ordered for the Convention and so not to

waste members dues money, only delegates attending the Convention will receive

credentials and Convention bags.




The NALCʼs legislative build up will require emphasis on more members enrolling in

automatic deductions for COLCPE. I am enclosing information relative to COLCPE

contributors for each Branch president to evaluate. Please review the data and start

drafting a plan to make the membership aware of how easy it is to enroll in giving to





Article 8 Section 5 of the FSALC 2009-2011 by-laws required a review of the FSALC

“books”. I appointed a committee of three according to the by-laws to accomplish

that task. Enclosed is a copy of that report.




The 2011 Florida Legislative Session for Florida families, was disastrous. Voters

rights are hampered and worker rights were attacked. I am enclosing a summary

prepared by the FL AFL-CIO that highlights worker and citizen issues. FSALC

actively participates in supporting worker issues. We work to organize and make a

difference in lives of Floridians by lobbying and supporting each others struggles. Go

to www. for further information.




The Florida AFL-CIO has planned a day long celebration of what it means to be a

worker and union family in Florida. There will be music, activism, education, food

and much more. This is a fight for Florida, a movement driven by Working Families.

The idea of the festival is for thousands of working Floridians, union members, allies,

community partners to come together and begin that work. The festival will be held

at the Central Florida Fairgrounds 4603 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL

32808-8188 on June 4, 2011, from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Please plan making an

effort to be there. Additional information will be forthcoming, at




The drawing for the 2011 FSALC Scholarship will be made at the State Convention,

July 28-29, 2011. The current Scholarship application is on Make sure the

application, July 8, 2011, deadline is met. The application must be postmarked on

or before July 8, 2011. E-mail submissions will not be accepted.




On April 8,2011 I joined Branch 2591, Deland, FL President Betty English and

recorded a public service announcement on Orlando radio station 105.9. It was to

promote the Food Drive and a Branch 2591, MDA motorcycle poker run.

On April 12, 2011, I attended Central Florida Letter Carrier Branch 1091ʼs union

meeting. I gave a legislative report and solicited members to enroll in COLCPE.


I rode approximately 130 miles in Branch 2591ʼs MDA fourth annual motorcycle

poker run. The Branch raised approximately $2800 for the cause, ZOOM-ZOOM.

The April 17, 2011, event drew riders from as far away Branch 1690, WPB,FL.

The NALC Legislative Department conducted a conference call with all the CDLʼs

and State Presidents, on April 20, 2011. It was an information sharing call

concerning House Resolution 137 and HR 1351. As stated at the beginning of this

report the two legislative items are a priority for the NALC.

April 26-28, 2011 President Rolando assigned me to our retirement community at

NALCREST, FL, to continue working on issues at the facility. On the night of April 28,

2011, I traveled to Daytona Beach, Fl to attend the monthly AFL-CIO CLC meeting.

At that meeting I spoke on the NALC legislative matters concerning the USPS and

the NALC May 14, 2011 Food Drive.




Two suspects were recently captured for the fatal shooting of Branch 1071, member

Bruce Parton. Brother Parton was gunned down on December 6, 2011, while

delivering mail. He was 60 years old with over 29 years of service. I hope the

individuals apprehended will be prosecuted to the fullest extent!




Brother Bobby Lambert member of Branch 2008, Clearwater, Fl passed away on

May 10, 2011. Bobby was a FSALC Congressional District Liaison (CDL) for

Congressional District #5. He was a Branch Officer, Union Activist and a hell of a

guitar player. He will be missed.

Thatʼs it for this month, until next time, I remain in unity and solidarity,

Matty Rose President, FSALC May 16,2011




  If you want to play the Lotto, try these numbers 137 and 1351. i hope they are all of our lucky numbers. they represent the vehicles that might enable The USPS to financially survive in the future,

  A resolution has been introduced in the House of Representatives to support six day delivery. It is House Resolution 137. Last session of Congress (111th), Resolution 173 was introduced which has the exact language. Hr 137 is not legislation, it is a show of support. That is why it is important for every house member as possible to sign on,

  The piece of Legislation that addresses the overpayments for retiree health benefits, is contained in HR-1351. In the (111th), an exact Bill was introduced, that Bill number was 5746. 

  Fact sheets and other political and legislative matters can be easily obtained by going to or and linking to the appropriate sites. If you require additional information contact the NALC Legislative Department at NALC Hqs. 202 393 4695 or me.

  The 25 FSALC Congressional District Liaisons and SLL, have been personally contacted by me and they are in action to promote our cause. Want to know who your CDL is? Go to Please spread the word to the membership to contact their member of congress and to support our lucky numbers. As of this writing one member in has signed on HR1351 and Five have endorsed H. Res 137. Want to know who? Go to

  On April 4, 2011, FSALC VP Al Friedman and I were on Capitol Hill to lobby the Florida Congressional Delegation. A detailed report of the events will be in my next months FSALC update.


  May 14, 2011 is almost here and it will be time for the the NALC 19th annual Food Drive. All Branches are gearing up to have a successful and contest winning event. Just think about it, in 18 days Letter Carriers have collected over a billion pounds of food, to feed the hungry. FSALC Food Drive Tee-shirts and Mugs are in popular demand. Go to to place your order. There is a link on line to purchase and calculate the postage. Don’t miss out on this years most collectable Food Drive items.


  It is anticipated that there will be between 450 and 500 delegates attending the FSALC Convention in St Petersburg, FL on July 28-29,2011. NALC President Fred Rolando is a delegate and will be joined by NALC assistance Secy-Tres Nicole Rhine who is assigned to the Convention. I remind all Branches that they should have arranged with the convention hotel for accommodations. Please direct questions and inquires to Branch 1477, at 727 531 1477. The schedule of Convention events and the FSALC training Session that follows the Convention will be made available to all delegates in the near future,

  FSALC save six day delivery tee-shirts are available at I hope every delegate will be wearing the save six day delivery shirt on the first day of the Convention.

  Nominations and elections for FSALC officers will occur at the Convention. All chairpersons of delegations should be aware of past NALC Presidential rulings concerning delegate voting. No delegate can be forced to vote by Branch Unit Rule if they do not wish to do so. A single delegate can block the Branch’s use of a Unit Rule. 

  i will be making delegate appointments to Convention Committees by the end of June 2011. All delegates will be made aware of the rules, election procedures, by-law submissions and other pertinent Convention procedures in a timely fashion.


  I am enclosing the latest information on Branch rankings as it pertains to percentage of members enrolled in Gimme Five automatic deductions and individual contributions to COLCPE. If a Branch President wants a roster of members giving contact me and I will have it sent to you. President Rolando will soon announce a new COLCPE contest. The NALC Legislative Field Plan has been revised and upon its completion I will send it out in an upcoming monthly mailing. Watch for changes in the way COLCE co-ordinator s are appointed and the new NALC Carrier Corp is being developed.

  Last month I asked all FSALC Officers to enroll one member on the automatic rolls at the Gimme Five level, to contribute to COLCPE. I asked the officers to contact me and let me know who they signed up. I heard from two officers? We must show leadership if we expect others to follow! Therefore I ask all Branch Presidents to make an extra effort to approach members on the benefits of COLCPE and Get them enrolled. I will b contacting he Branch Presidents on the list who are not enrolled and hope they will understand our future benefits and employment lies in the hands of Congress. Before I call take it upon yourself to get on the winning wagon.


  On March 2, 2011, The monthly State Officers conference call was conducted. An agenda of topics and minutes are kept. The calls are a method of communicating Union business.

  It was rush hour and Bike Week in Daytona Beach Fl, on March 8,2011. At a busy intersection several NALC Members jointed me in an, “Awake The State” rally. The rally was an effort to bring attention to the anti-union Florida State Legislature and its attempts to dismantle workers rights.

  I attended the Region 9 Rap Session in Myrtle Beach, SC, March 10-13, 2011. There were several breakouts on contractual subjects, Legislation and Branch leadership. General session included awards for MDA and COLCPE. NALC Director of City Delivery Lou Drass presented the members with an aery of topics and had an open discussion forum. The NALC’s legislative Regional Field coordinator (RFC), Bridget Early expanded on political and legislative issues. Region 9 RAA”S and NBA were present and participated in the training and events. Contact the NBA”S office if need additional information concerning the Rap Session. 954 964 2116.

  On march 15-16, I was assigned by President Rolando to visit NALCREST and assist in the revamping process of the Union’s retirement facility. Please inform your members of the great opportunity to live at NALCREST, when retirement becomes a reality.

  The quarterly Regional meeting of the State Presidents in Region 9 met in Th. NBA’s office in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. The meetings are designed to maintain a high level of awareness to the NALC Legislative program. NALC RFC Early facilitated the meeting.

  Cincinnati, OH was the venue to host the Committee Of Presidents (COP) semi-annual meeting. It was held from march 26-28, 2011. There were over 300 participants from Branches across the country in attendance. President Rolando spent the entire day on March 27, 2011, informing the group on many contractual topics, IE: FSS, Route adjustment and upcoming national negotiations. There was much emphasis on legislation and how the Congress is the key to allowing the USPS operate in the black continuing six day delivery. I spoke on the Vote by mail, legislative and anti-labor legislation in Florida. I had an additional opportunity to report on NALCREST. I tis always good to take back information from other Branch leaders and the National President.

  Many calls, e-mails, and US Mail adds to increased time that is necessary to represent the membership. I appreciate those that help and encourage those who do not, to get involved before its to late.


  Keep in mind that the labor movement in America in under constant attack. A unified counter effect must be in the forefront to just maintain an equal playing field. The NALC has stepped forward to support the Florida AFL-CIO. Tony Loconto, Branch 1071 retired member andCDL #20, has been released to work full time, for a few weeks in South Florida. He will coordinate activities in Broward County, with the Central Labor Council.

  I authorized Leo Murray FSALC SLL, retired member of branch 1477, to be in Tallahassee Fl for a week to assist in lobbying against the anti worker legislation spurring out of the Republican dominated legislature. The legislative session ends May 6, 2011.

Thats it for this month. I remain
In Unity and Solidarity,

Matty Rose FSALC President April 13, 2011



  Last months update talked about the 112th Congress and its potential affect on the US
Postal Service, Letter Carrier jobs and benefits. The flow of attacks has risen to the
level that Collective Bargaining is a household word. The anti-union, anti-organizing
groups in America are directing their efforts towards public employees at the state,
counties and cities. I therefore am going to direct this informational newsletter to a
commentary on our own fight.


  The NALC has been able and fortunate to negotiate a contract with the USPS. That
contract provides for hours, wages and working conditions. Our legislative
accomplishments are chiefly because on the NALC
ʼs political program funded by our
Political Action Fund known as Committee On Letter Carrier Political Education,
(COLCPE). The FSALC primary responsibility is to promote legislative activities in the
State. It is written in the NALC National Constitution, in the FSALC bylaws and for all
to see on

  However, there is a serious problem with some of those who represent you and other
members of the NALC.Those representatives never allow you to see or read this
monthly update. On June 12, 2009, I and eleven other officers were elected to serve
the membership in the State. All FSALC Officers are elected for a two year term.
Elections will be held at the 2011 FSALC Convention in St Petersburg FL, July 28-29,
2011. All FSALC Officers must be held accountable for their actions or lack of actions.
I include myself in that responsibility. If you have a FSALC officer in your Branch or a
FSALC District Representative that has not been promoting legislation, politics and
solidarity, VOTE THEM OUT, me included.

  I encourage those members who are not satisfied with their respective FSALC
representative to let me know about it, get nominated at the State Convention, if you
will be attending and make a difference. This monthly newsletter is sent to about 100
and it rarely gets by the recipient. I have asked that it be reproduced in Branch
newsletters, made available to the membership and distributed in a manner that gives
a monthly evaluation on how the FSALC is spending the members dues money.
It is disparaging that some of those in the State that are in a leadership role have that
dreaded disease known as APATHY. Some work hard to promote the NALC, and the 
FSALC message of legislation, politics and COLCPE, some are worthless. Some
Branch Presidents work hard to accomplish our goals, others are worthless. There are
monthly FSALC telephone conference calls with the State officers. I started that
communication process to keep the leadership in the State abreast of internal and
external issues. The level of transparency was initiated to let the membership know
what the State is doing. It is a pity and an insult to those who pay dues that the
information is not being disseminated.

  The CDL
ʼs (Congressional District Liaison) and SLL (State Legislative Liaison) are
appointed by me. They work on the FSALC goals with members of Congress as I
do.They have all been reappointed for the term to coincided with the 112th Congress.
They all contribute to COLCPE and promote the FSALC mission. I will be appointing
members to committees at the State Convention. Rest assured no delegate will be
appointed if they have not supported the Union
ʼs issues. Simple items like letter
writing, Union Made tee shits, Food Drive mugs are a must to rally the membership.
I am a pragmatic man and know that our Union can be devastated by the actions of
Congress. I know that the vast majority of NALC members wouldn
ʼt know their
member of Congress or who the two Florida, US Senators are. I will wager big money
that only a handful know or ever contacted their State Representative. Most have
never been interested in the Collective Bargaining agreement unless it is self serving.
They will know much about items that have nothing to do with their job, benefits or
maintaining a strong USPS. So Brothers and Sisters I know who supports the FSALC
mission and those who go out of their way not to promote it. I will use the necessary
influence I have to insure the 2011-2013 FSALC term of office will have a board of
officers who will have credibility and foresight to truly represent the membership. Think
about it!

  FSALC President
ʼs activities during February 2011
I represent the FSALC and participate in the Florida AFL-CIO weekly conference calls.
That information is passed on to the members by the FSALC e-activist and by US

  February 2, 2011, I was invited to attend Branch 53
ʼs Rap Session in Daytona Beach
FL. I encouraged those in attendance who were not enrolled in automatic COLCPE
deductions to do so. I explained who the Congressional key players are in DC and
what the NALC is doing to combat our enemies.

  On February 8, 2011 I attended Branch 2591, Deland, FL, Union Meeting. I gave
similar information on the political landscape to the members. I made a special
presentation of $500, to MDA. That amount was the result of profits made from the
sale of Save Six Day Delivery shirts, that were promoted by the FSALC. Additional
monies will be donated to MDA.

  New Smyrna Beach FL, Branch 33129 invited me to their February 9, 2011, Union
meeting and I relayed the information on Legislation and COLCPE.
On February 10-12, 2011, I attended meetings at NALCREST, FL with the other
NALCREST Officers and NALCREST Trustees. They included President Rolando, VP
ʼMalley, Director of Retired Members Kirkland, Asst.Secy-Treas, Rhine. Brother Don
Southern, FSALC Director of Retirees and and Tom Young Former Director of NALC
Health Benefits make up the NALCREST committee. We met with the residents and
spent much time revamping the direction of NALCREST operations. The evening of
February 12,2011, I attended Branch 1779, Lakeland, FL installation. President
Rolando was the Installing Officer. Guest speaker was the Congressman from the
12th Congressional District, Dennis Ross.
On February 15, 2011, I joined FSALC VP Al Friedman in a National Food Drive
conference call, conducted by NALC
ʼs Director of Community Affairs, Linda Giordano.
Tying in the Food Drive and having legislators participate is a priority.
Frank Marinacci, FSALC District 4 Chair, Mark Smith CDL #24 and I met with the
newly elected Congresswoman for the 24th District, Sandy Adams in her District
office. All three of us are constituents in District 24. We informed her and the Staff of
the USPS situation and how we can support six day delivery without any taxpayer
cost. I left her with detailed written information and asked that she participate in the
NALC Food Drive. Later that afternoon I attended a meeting of the Central Labor
Council in Daytona Beach FL to participate in organizing outreach in the community.
On February 24, 2011, I attended the regular Volusia/Flagler CLC meeting in Daytona
Beach, FL.

  I traveled to Orlando Fl on February 27, 2011, to address the NALC group attending
the NALC National Secretary Treasurer Training, Sister Jane Broendel hosted the
event. I traveled from that meeting to another hotel in Orlando, FL to meet with the
Florida AFL-CIO State meeting on strategic planning for the upcoming State
Legislature session, that begins on March 8, 2011.


  Go to to support our issues. The FSALC Food Drive shirts, Food Drive
Mugs and Save Six Day Delivery tee shirts are ready to be ordered.
Any Branch or members who have Historical items that can trace the history of the
FSALC, please contact me.
Ames Uniform Company sales rep has asked that I notify any retired NALC member
who wants to work for them to call 1 800 741 7502 and ask for Mr Frost. This
information is not an endorsement of Ames by the FSALC, it is only information.
I am enclosing a FL AFL-CIO Activist form. Please make distribution to members who
want to get involved with the labor movement in Florida.
Most important, the rules concerning absentee ballots have changed. Please
share this information with the members. Encourage all registered voters to
request a valid absentee ballot. ( see enclosed information)
ʼs it for this month.
Until we meet again I remain.

In Solidarity and Unity,
Matty Rose FSALC President March 9, 2011



  2011 began with a new brand of leadership in Tallahassee and in the House of
Representatives in the 112th Congress. The US Senate leadership remains narrowly
Democratic. There are three people who every FSALC member should be familiar with,
weather you are retired or active. One is Darrell Issa (R-CA), who is the Chair of the House
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Second is Dennis Ross the Chair of the
United States House Oversight Subcommittee on Federal Workforce , USPS and Labor
Policy who is the newly elected Congressman from the 12th congressional District in Florida.
The third is Member of Congress Connie Mack from the 14th Congressional District in
Florida who is a member of the Subcommittee.

  Why be concerned with those three people especially? They will have a direct affect on your
livelihood and benefits. The USPS is the Employer who Letter Carriers work for and derive
their salary and benefits. The USPS is under attack and all of us must be diligent to insure
the Postal Service thrive and be productive. Active Letter Carriers are fortunate that they
have a Collective Bargaining Agreement that provides for hours, wages and working
conditions. I suggest that all members familiarize themselves with the Members of Congress
who will have a direct affect your families and your life. What happens with the USPS will
effect all members. Don
ʼt take for granted that your jobs and benefits are untouchable. The
PMG and anti-union advocates are strongly in favor of Five Day Delivery. We must use all
our resources to protect Six Day Delivery, service to the American public, affordable heath
benefits and legislated retiree benefits. Show your support for our cause. Buy Union Made
and Union Printed-Save Six Day Delivery Tee-Shirts. go to


  FSALC second annual food drive tee-shirts are ready to buy. They are Union Made and
Union Printed Shirts. In addition, this year FSALC introduces Food Drive drinking mugs.
Branches can use the Mugs for fund raises and to bring additional awareness to the
importance of the NALC Food Drive.They are Union Made and Union Printed. They can
be bought directly from the Union provider by going to I am requesting that all
branches participate in the Food Drive and display the solidarity of the FSALC by being a
part of the State Food Drive movement. FSALC VP Al Friedman/State Food Drive chair is in
full swing of getting things rolling. Brother Friedman has been discussing the distribution of
the Food Drive plastic bags from Publix Supermarkets. Go to for Al Friedman
contact information.

  The NALC food drive is May 14,2011 and a great sponsor of the event is VAL-PAK. There
will be a State wide kick off at VAL-PAK headquarters in St Petersburg, Fl on May 10, 2011.

  In 2010 I promoted that the NALC Food Drive should solicit elected officials to participate in
events around the State. The coalition between what letter carriers do in communities along
with delivering mail coupled with politicians from the Local level to the Federal level is a
priority. Last year was a phenomenal year for Florida in helping stamp out hunger and
collecting more food than any other State in the Nation. Lets exceed 2010 this year.


  Application for the FSALC scholarship is enclosed in this mailing. It is also down loadable on I encourage all members who believe they my qualify for a scholarship should
complete the application and submit it. Please direct questions to FSALC Director of
Education Jesse Costin. His contact information can be obtained on


  The February 2011 Postal Record is dedicated to those members who continued to
COLCPE. Check it out and if you did not see your name listed and are a member of the
Union, you should be ashamed of yourself for not protecting your livelihood.
The NALC had created a COLCPE contest matching states against each other. The results
of the contest are in the February 2011 Postal Record. Florida came in second being
narrowly edged by Texas by .42%. I want to thank all those who signed up durning the
contest. I telephoned NBA Kathy Baldwin Region 10 and Texas State President Mickey
Morris to congratulate them.


  The host Branch, 1477 St Petersburg, is well on its way planning for the Convention. The
FSALC 2011 Convention information can be obtained by going to or contacting
Branch 1477 at 727 531 1477. All Branches have been notified in a timely basis concerning
deadlines for delegate registration and other requirements outlined in the FSALC bylaws. All
members should be advised that all monies collected for the FSALC 2011 Convention and
expenditures will be processed in compliance with he established FSALC method using the
FSALC voucher/warrant and oversight by the FSALC fiscal committee. The local branch will
maintain all receipts of revenue and expenditures. If any delegate or member has any
questions concerning the 2011 FSALC Convention procedures , I will be available in addition
to Branch 1477 to respond to questions or inquires.

  MBA Director of Life Insurance, Myra Warren and I have been collaborating to partition the
sale of NALC insurance products in Florida. The State had not allowed the NALC to obtain a
license to sell insurance in Florida. The new State Legislature has posed additional
problems in obtaining our goal. I will advise all Branch Presidents of the status as tit
becomes available.

FSALC President's activities during January 2011

  The new year started off with a great event at VAL-PAK headquarters in St Petersburg, FL.
On January 6, 2011, several NALC officers joined NALC Food Drive coordinator Linda
Giordano and FSALC VP Al Friedman and me to lay the groundwork for VAL-PAK to
promote the association between VAL-PAK and the NALC. Brother Friedman was featured
in a promotional video that will be distributed to all VAL-PAK franchises endorsing the NALC
food Drive. This might land Al a chance at an Oscar.

  Two events occurred on January 8,2011. In the morning myself and three other NALC
representatives attended a Labor Causes in Orlando, FL joining other Florida AFL-CIO
unionists to discus the future strategies for the labor movement in Florida. That evening I
attended Branch 1091
ʼs Installation of officers in Orlando, FL.

  On January 13, 2011, I attended St Petersburg, FL Branch 1477
ʼs installation of officers,
Brother Ernie Kirkland was the installing officer The next day I returned home by way of
NALCREST. I discussed some issues with the NALC Director of Retired Members, Ernie
Kirkland concerning the NALCREST property, legislative and political issues.
On Saturday, January 15,2011, I attend Branch 599 Tampa,FL installation of officers.
Brother Kirkland was the installing officer. I was the assistant installing officer.
January 18 and 19, 2011 permitted m to attend two branch meetings. Branch 1071 SFLC
and Branch 1690 WPB. At both meetings I discussed legislative issues and the importance
of COLCPE. On January 19th I visited the hotel that will host the FSALC Fall Training
seminar on October 28-30, 2011. Branch 1690 President Rick Abbarno and other 1690
officers joined me in discussing he details.

  Saturday January22, 2011 brought many members of Branch 1071 South Florida Letter
Carriers together for their annual shop stewards and retiree appreciation affair. I joined many
of my brother and Sister Branch 1071 members in a night of solidarity. A former member of
Branch 1071 and honored guest was NALC President Fred Rolando.
I ended the months Union activities on January 27,2011 by joining three other NALC
members at the Volusia/Flagler Fl-AFL-CIO Central Labor Council meeting in Daytona

  Beach, Fl. Several AFL-CIO union representatives were in attendance. The situation of Post
Office closures and maintaining six day delivery were part of the topics discussed.






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