Special Report from FSALC AFL-CIO delegate Matthew Rose


Al Friedman                                                                                October 16, 2013
President FSALC
Dear Al,

Thank you for assigning me to the FL AFL-CIO 2013 Biennial Convention. The
convention was held in Orlando, Fl, at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel (unionized),
on September 22-25, 2013, as will summarize my assignment for FSALC Officers.
The FSALC is affiliated statewide with the Fl AFL-CIO. The FSALC is entitled to
one delegate to the convention, as directed, I represented the FSALC. In addition
seven NALC Branches are affiliated. Each Branch was entitled to send delegates
based on the amount of per-capita tax they pay to the FL AFL-CIO. Branch 2550
had one delegate, Marty Ireland.

Sunday, September 22, 2013, I traveled to the Convention from my home to
register and attend the FL AFL-CIO Executive Board meeting. I attended the
Committee On Political Education (COPE), to which I am a member of, as the
FSALC representative. I returned home that evening, opting not to charge the
FSALC the cost of lodging. I commuted the four days I was assigned to the

Monday morning September 23, 2013, I traveled to the convention. The schedule
of events are attached to this report. They are also assessable at, FLAFLCIO.org. I
was assigned to the escort committee for J. David Cox Jr, National President,
AFGE. I attended all sessions. FL AFL-CIO Brain Dempsey announced he would
not be a candidate for reelection for Secy-Tres. Two delegates announced their
candidacy for the vacant position. I review both candidates qualifications and
talked with each one. I cast my ballot for David Pittman, member of American
Federation of Teachers, (AFT). The elections were on September 25, 2013,
brother Pittman was the successful candidate. Brother Mike Williams was
reelected by acclamation as President, FL AFL-CIO.

All FL AFL-CIO positions were announced for election for a two year term. The FL
AFL-CIO State Executive Board is composed of affiliate unions, central labor
councils, constituency groups, and vice presidents at large. I was nominated for
one of the five vice presidents at large. I was elected to the FL AFL-CIO Executive
Board and will do so for the next two years. I returned home that evening.

Tuesday morning September 24, 2013, I traveled to the convention. The schedule
of events are attached to this report. During the session I rose to the floor to
comment on two, NALC related items. First the ongoing financial issues with the
USPS/ NALC. I explained in detail the NALCʼs position and asked all delegates to
inform and activate their membership in supporting the NALCʼs position. The
second item was to discuss the NALC retirement community, NALCREST. I have
been appointed by President Rolando as President of the NALCREST Trustees.
That afternoon, I was a part of the Legislative/Political Committee to discuss
pending resolutions that would be discussed with the delegates later for a vote. I
returned home that evening.
Wednesday morning September 25, 2013, I traveled to the convention. I attend
the entire session. The election results were announced. The convention summed
up with a new direction of the of the FL AFL-CIO Working Families Lobby Corps
and the need for more attendees to be at the State Capital to insure the Florida
Legislature does not take away or infringe on workers rights. Following the
adjournment of the convention. I attended the Fl AFL-CIO State Executive Board
meeting to elect committee leadership and to review the duties of the Board. I
returned home that afternoon.
The NALC Legislative Field Plan requires involvement and activism withe AFL-CIO
at all levels. I am an active member of the Volusia/ Flagler Counties Central Labor
Council (CLC) and now a Vice President of the FL AFL-CIO Executive Board. I
encourage all NALC Branches to be active with their respective CLCʼs and support
the Working Families Lobby Corps. Again I appreciate the opportunity to be the
FSALC delegate to the 2013 FL AFL-CIO Convention.
Respectfully Submitted,
Matty Rose,FSALC, Delegate to the FL AFL-CIO Convention