District 4 Report

Frank A. Marinacci October 4, 2016
District 4 Chair-Florida State Association of Letter Carriers
No longer is it an “absentee ballot” , now we can all vote by mail!!!!! So you can vote in the comfort of your own home , and produce revenue for the company you work for. You must register by Oct. 11, 2016 to be eligible to vote this year. PROTECT YOUR JOBS.,and give to the LETTER CARRIERS POLITICAL FUND which is explained below. I know its hard to believe, but there are political candidates that want to eliminate unions in this country.
People who work for a living know about the inequality of power between employers and employees. Workers want to form unions so they can have a voice on the job to improve their lives, their families and their communities.
With a union, working people win basic rights, like a say in their jobs, safety and security. Unions help remedy discrimination because union contracts ensure that all workers are treated fairly and equally. When there’s a problem on the job, workers and management can work together as equals to solve it.Higher union wages translate into stronger tax bases for our communities, better schools and infrastructures and healthier local economies. And when workers have a real say in their hours and working conditions, that means they can spend more quality time with their families. Unions help make sure our nation prioritizes working people’s issues: unions hold corporations accountable, make workplaces safe, protect Social Security and retirement, fight for quality health care and ensure that working people have time to spend with their families.
The Union Difference/Advantage:
Union members earn more money, have better benefits, are more productive and have greater job security than nonunion workers. What happens when you deserve a raise — or need a day off to take care of an unexpected emergency — or your employer has sold the company… or new equipment takes over your job … or working conditions on the job endanger your health? It’s usually impossible, and always difficult, for an individual worker to go one-on-one with an employer when it’s necessary to protect your livelihood. The president of the company may not even be located in your community. Your supervisor knows you need to work — and the supervisor has the final word. One person’s voice just isn’t strong or loud enough to influence a large, impersonal organization. Unions provide the responsible, united voice, which gives millions of wage and salary earners their proper share of participation in American industrial democracy. Since the end of the 18th Century, American working people have joined together in democratic unions to exercise a voice in their own lives and futures, in a way that individual wage earners cannot. Union members elect their own officers, determine their own goals, set their own dues, and choose the rules by which their unions operate for the common good. Today, unions are more important to working people than ever. Large nationally and internationally minded business enterprises and complex governmental structures make decisions in a functional world far from that in which their employees live. Changing technologies are revolutionizing many types of work. Yet workers still require united strength to assure themselves of individual opportunity, dignity, and advancement. Workers in union pool their strength and resources to gain the professional and technical skills they need for collective bargaining, the means and support to deal with nationwide and worldwide employers, and the ability to meet changing conditions with informed foresight. Millions of Americans in public and private employment — in construction, transportation, finance, industry, agriculture, education, commerce, the professions and the services — testify tot the benefits of union membership. Today, millions of working people belong to 89 national and international unions in the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.
What Union Members Want and How They Get It:
America’s union members want the things all Americans have always wanted. They want peaceful, dignified, productive lives. They want the opportunity to improve themselves and their families. And they want these things for all Americans. Unions foster their members’ interests on the job through collective bargaining with management, in the exercise of industrial democracy. Today, there are about 150,000 collective bargaining agreements across the United States. Ninety-eight percent were arrived at through mutual agreement of workers and employers.
As all of us know this is an important time of our postal careers, another presidential election is upon us. For those of you who don’t know, all our benefits, salaries, etc are pretty much governed by congress. So we need to get together to make sure that OUR JOBS and all that come with it are secured, and it will start with this election. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to the candidates that we need to win, don’t you think your jobs and financial and healthy benefit security should come first? I do!!!! All we are asking is that you donate a couple of hours of your time this election cycle to do some phone banking, letter mailing, etc., whatever you can do to help yourself.
So for this election cycle,we also that you give to the letter carrier political fund, as NONE OF YOUR DUES go to “AID” any political contributions the union makes and for only 5 dollars a pay period, that is another insurance policy that cant be beat. To the new carriers the letter carriers political fund is the political action fund established by the NALC to donate to certain officials in congress, the senate, etc. who are behind the NALC and the working women and men in this great country. The money donated to these officials is given to them by US!!! and it doesn’t matter whether they are Democrat, Republican, or Independent, as long as they are going to help us we will help them.
In Union Always,
Frank A.Marinacci District 4 Chair-Florida State Association of Letter Carriers



On behalf of Jacksonville Fl.,  Branch 53, my branch and District, I would like to welcome the delegates, their families, and friends to the 72 Biennial Convention of the Florida State Association of Letter Carriers. Not only was this the 72 convention, it was also the 100th anniversary of the Florida State Association of Letter Carriers.

Once again it has been my honor and privilege to  have been elected the District 4 Chair for the Florida State Association of Letter Carriers, I would like to thank the members in my District for electing me, and the board members, for all their support, and I am looking forward to serving my District, and the State Association, for many years to come.

The past 2 years have been a blur with all that has happened in the post office, we as a union have had to deal with the closing of processing plants, and the continuing battle to keep 6 day delivery, as management is constantly striving to destroy the Postal Service as we know it. What the Postal Service fails to realize that we, as a union, will fight as hard as we have to to save our jobs, salaries, and benefits that we have worked so hard to achieve.We have had informationalpickets, letter writing campaigns, and visits to our congressional leaders to voice our opinions, but we must keep up the fight. Just this past March 24, 2013, the union held an informational picket  outside the Daytona Beach GMF, where we had more than 250 participants at this rally, thanks to Brother Dennis Bonilla for organizing this round of our fight.

In the past 2 years, I have had 3 District meetings with one of those being a joint District meeting with Brother Dan Tegreeny of District 3. We currently have another joint meeting scheduled for Sunday September 29th in Orlando at Branch 1091’s union hall located at 4790 Deauville Dr.,Orlando, Fl. 32808. It is vitally important that we keep spreading the words on both the legislative and educational fronts, we have to remember that “Knowledge is Power”

I was again elected the Director of Publications for  Branch 53, and have attended the branch meetings and RAP sessions during the past 2 years,(As I have for over 20 years). I was also a delegate to the national convention. As a delegate to the AFL-CIO, I attended monthly meetings at the Volusia Teachers Organization Hall (VTO) along with the special meetings and training’s held by the Volusia-Flagler AFL-CIO.

So again, we need to bring all the information we get here at the convention, as in the past, to our sisters and brothers who could not attend. We must spread the word. AND WE MUST GIVE TO COLCPE. That is our way of helping those who help us. I would also like to take this time to thank my son Nicholas Marinacci, who although not a union member, but a young man who is there every time the union needs someone to help in the fight for our jobs.

Have a great convention.

Frank A. Marinacci