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Mike Clark Treasurer – Mike Clark

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          I’d like to welcome all delegates to the 76th Biennial State Convention here in Orlando, Florida. President Byron Shelton and Br. 1091 have worked hard to make this an entertaining and educational time for you as the Florida State Association conducts their business and provides a training seminar this weekend.
          I would like to thank the members of the Florida State Association for allowing me to serve as your state treasurer for the last two years. With the Covid-19 pandemic upon us there was not a lot of spending in 2020 or the first half of 2021. Nevertheless, all monthly, quarterly, and yearly taxes were paid and reports to the IRS, State Of Florida and the Dept Of Labor were submitted on a timely basis.
         I’d like to thank the Audit committee of Luis Rodriquez Br. 5955, Joanne Cannon Br. 1753, and Shane Ulbin Br 1091 for checking the books every quarter and filing a report with President Al Friedman. The members are in good hands with this trio. They make sure every penny is accounted for.
          I can’t say enough about my fiduciary committee of President Al Friedman Br. 2008, State Secretary Cory Gibson Br. 1779 and District 5 Chairman Percy Smith Jr. Br. 4559. They are good union brothers and always just a phone call or e-mail away. I could not do this job without them.
          You will see a copy of our proposed budget for 2021-2023 at this convention. Again because of Covid-19 we had to cut back on our mileage, per Diem and lodging expenses but with the continued hiring of CCAs our revenues have increased to over $200,000. I look forward to seeing my NALC brothers and sisters in Chicago next year.
          I appreciate your continued support as State Treasurer and will accept a nomination if called on for another term. If I can be of any help to the other branch treasurers in the state, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In solidarity,
Michael Clark
FSALC Treasurer