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Treasurer’s Report , November 17, 2016

By Mike Clark

The Florida State Association of Letter Carriers continues to be the legislative arm of the NALC. Under the leadership of President Al Friedman we will do whatever we can to advance the letter carrier agenda. Getting postal issues passed in Congress and making sure our friends in Congress are reelected. The fiduciary committee of myself, Cory Gibson, Percy Smith Jr and Al Friedman are spending your money wisely to send our representatives where ever need be to accomplish our goals.

The dues increase passed at the last state convention as well as changing to receipted per diem has allowed us to have the funds necessary to do the things we need to do.

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In Solidarity,
Michael Clark
FSALC Treasurer


Treasurer’s Report , May 24, 2015

By Mike Clark

Welcome delegates and guests to the 73rd biennial convention of the Florida State Association of Letter Carriers. I thank the membership for allowing me to serve as your treasurer for the past two years. I hope that I have performed my duties to your satisfaction.
The state association continues to be on solid financial ground and credit goes to President Al Friedman for his efforts in keeping expenses down. However the costs of training and legislative activities continue to rise and we must address this issue. There are several by law changes that we will discuss at this convention. Please listen to the information given and vote accordingly.
A review of the books is done by an Audit Review Committee every six months. I appreciate their due diligence to this task all done on their own time. I want to thank the other members of our fiduciary committee, Secretary Cory Gibson and District 5 chairman Percy Smith Jr. Together we’ve processed hundreds of vouchers in the last two years. I have made sure that all reports and payments to the IRS, Department of Labor and the Florida Department of revenue have been made on time. I would also be remiss if I didn’t thank two women who have gone on to other positions in the NALC. Lynne Pendleton and Joanne Wright. Anytime I needed help or had a question you were there to answer it.
Have a safe and enjoyable convention and again thank you for your support.