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So Postmaster General Donahoe tells the world of his plans to cut Saturday delivery.

He says it will save them money but I say it’s illegal and financially questionable. So do members of Congress. He’s trying to convince them he has the right to do this. The U.S. Postal Service lost $1.3 billion in the final three months of last year, following a nearly $16 billion loss the previous fiscal year. Under the plan, package delivery would continue Monday through Saturday but about $2 billion could be saved annually by cutting mail delivery to 5 days a week. Tell me where Mr. Donahoe! Is it because you’re going to get rid of thousands of jobs? “Please do not force us back into a six-day window,” Donahoe said in an appearance before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee. Yes its true letter mailing has plummeted as customers move to the internet for email, bill-paying and other uses. But the bulk of the problem is due to a law Congress passed in 2006 forcing us to pre-pay future retiree health costs, something no other agency must do. That is something we’ve been trying to change for years. Now maybe Congress will do something about that. The proposed change is based on what appears to be a legal loophole: That government at the moment is operating on a temporary spending measure as opposed to an appropriations bill, something Donahoe’s lawyers says gives him authority to make the change. Senators were not sure about the legal justification and asked to be sent what Donahoe says is a nine-page opinion from his lawyers on it. Lawmakers also want a report from the comptroller general on how much money will be saved by the cutback against how much will lost from decreased Saturday business. I see us losing more money not saving it. That temporary spending measure runs out at the end of March. On Mar 24 we will have an informational picket. We need to take our case to the public because right now polls say the majority of Americans favor 5 day delivery. We’ve had these pickets before and Florida letter carriers always come out in great numbers. T-shirts and signs are being made. No uniforms will be worn that day. I’d like to see everybody out there, even those who applauded Donahoe’s move on the work room floor. I suppose you’d like 4 or 3 day delivery too. If Donahoe can get away with this, he won’t stop the cutting and slashing. We must stand united on this my brothers and sisters.

 Contact Mr. Nelson, and Mr. Rubio’s offices.

Tell them that postal reform can only be made by Congress and only they have the power to overturn this illegal act.