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Emerald Coast Letter Carriers Branch 4559 newly elected officers Front
Roll: Jell Trustee, Leroy Kelley, Jr. Vice President, Justin Hill, Trustee,
Percy Smith, Jr, President, Andrea Sanchez, Secretary, Rich Moller,
Sergeant-of Arms Back Roll: Jeff Siciunas, Region 9 Regional Administrative
Assistance, John Jackson, Treasurer and Carlos Montes, Trustee

Emerald Coast, Florida                                                                                                    May, 2017
Many times when I reported to work as I walked into the office, I noticed carriers at their cases doing things. such as, handling mail, putting scan cards into the slots, and going through mail from the prior day. Really, I was irritated along with the other stewards; many times we asked them are they on the clock, most of the times they were not clocked on the clock. Conducting many stand-ups explaining to the carriers that they are not to be working off the clock. Management will allow them to do this, but if something happens to them working off the clock management will be all over for them. In accordance to the JCAM (Joint Contract Administration Manual) Article 41.3.K which states in part: Supervisors shall not be required, nor permitted, employees to work off the clock. Recently, it has been brought to my attention, which management has been instructing carriers to clock off and then clean their routes, which’s means they are working off the clock. I can speak from personal experience that this is not a good practice. We have been required to follow the instructions of the supervisor, but if you feel this is wrong, you should contact your steward. We have experienced a lot of PDI’s (II’s or Fact-Findings according to your area) on a lot different infractions according management. I have seen lot of actions by the carriers that are clearly their fault. Constantly, mail carriers have been called in daily for a PDI; in my opinion, the first PDI would be sufficient. On behalf of the branch, we extend our condolences to the Milton and White Families on the loss of their loved ones.

Percy Smith, Jr.
Branch 4559


Emerald Coast, Florida                                                                                    March 2017

Playing practical jokes or spreading rumors have never been a good thing, no matter where you work. I found this out while working in my office in Fort Walton Beach. Recently we had an incident happen in the office and no one really knows why it occurred but that it did. Well now with not knowing what is really going on , people are starting to assume that certain people are not coming back. I have always believed that you don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.
There was a BIG celebration and suggestion that “ Ding Dong the Witch is dead”. I am all for good humor but I feel that this has crossed the line. For no one knows this to be true and it is irresponsible to make statements like this without knowing all the facts. What happens if the person returns? Now you have to deal with that person and an atmosphere has been created that no one will benefit from.
As letter carriers we should all be above these types of incidents. We were hired to do a job and we should do it without creating turmoil. We should think before we act and give serious thought to what we place on Facebook or other social sites because it may come back to haunt you. Be careful and let’s treat each other with dignity and respect. Just because someone else is not respectful doesn’t mean we have to respond in kind. We have ways to deal with those that violate the violence in the workplace statement.
Congratulations to Verna Clemons-Frye and Detaraus Helm on their conversion to career. We wish Steve Bowman and Dorothy Tasby a speedy recovery.

Percy Smith, Branch 4559


Emerald Coast Letter Carriers                                                         Dec. 10, 2016

By the time you read this article the Christmas Holidays will have past, but it still amazes me how little planning is made preparing for the holiday season rush by the Postal Service. They get bombarded with packages and wind up with no additional help, no extra vehicles and to make matters worse, they push our times back. The carriers start complaining about it, and it’s the usual thing every year. I remember my good friend Bob Henning always telling me, “You follow the instructions of the supervisor and move on You are getting paid, whatever amount of time it takes it takes” This is so true. A lack of planning on their part does not constitute an emergency on our part. We are the moving force and we deal with the hand that is dealt to us. Complaining will not get the mail delivered, or make management do what they should when it comes to planning for the holiday seasons. Many times in the past I have said that we to need think, before we act. Carriers are continuing to get in trouble, when it can be avoided. Making bad decisions only brings about discipline. I have always said to put the monkey on managements back and let them make the decision. Discipline is being issued for things that are clearly the carriers fault, and the union has to constantly try and get them out of trouble. We do not have a magic wand that we can wave and make it go away; eventually something is going to stick. If the steward asks for statements give it to them, it is important for you to give your side of the story. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Percy Smith, Jr.
Branch 4559

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