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The Pork Chop Gang Rides Again!

The tears of Saints more sweet by far Than all the songs of sinners are…. Herrick.

Back before the sixties lawmakers redrawing boundaries were political in nature. Remember my story about the governor and the salamander? Yes, I’m talking about Gerrymandering. Before the Civil Rights Bill a group of 20 conservative democrats called the Pork Chop Gang (PCG) held power in our legislature. They took gerrymandering to a new level. When the were done drawing the new district map it was such that at times just 12 % of the voters could vote in a new senator (minority rules). Now in the present we have laws that we the people voted on to protect our districts. But just like vote by mail our legislature will and have made changes that all to often cost money in court just to be told they are wrong. But be careful the Pork Chop Gang rides again but this time its clever Republican Extremists that still believe or claim too anyway that the election was stolen. We need to pay attention. Already 3 democrat seats are not being represented because are governor refused to fill them until a lawsuit came by. Now he’s acting but not until the session is over that’s hundreds of thousands of Floridians not having their voices heard. In comparison a couple of years ago when 2 republican seats opened in took him only 2 weeks and one in 5 days to replace. Talk about stolen!
In district 7 they are targeting a friend of letter carriers Stephanie Murphy. Because of the census results Florida gets to add a district. And that district needs to be here in central Florida. Now they can try to change district 7 to make it more red however they would be rolling the dice and costing themselves in the long term. That’s because it would also change a current red district whom new growth is mostly blue. In the meantime, Stephanie Murphy, a moderate has drawn some republican votes and most of the independents in Seminole county caucus with the democrats so she would probably still win and in the next few years the gop would lose the new district. It will be interesting to see how (PCG) plays it.
As I write this the 2 infrastructure bills have not passed though they are close. After congress is done with the infrastructure bills the NALC will be calling all hands-on deck to push for the Postal Reform bill which will end prefunding and permanently protect six-day delivery amongst many other things I will write about as we get closer. There is no new news on PMG Lejoy but the pieces are in place to remove him if that is the decision in the future. I myself don’t think his plan as is will be viable for the postal service, I am talking later today with Congressman Darren Soto about this and postal reform. I will keep you posted.
I would like to congratulate Elizabeth Shuler (IBEW) the new President of the AFL-CIO. She is replacing the Labor Lion Richard Trumka who passed away on August 5th. And I would like to congratulate Fred Redmond (United Steel Workers) is the new Vice President and I am so proud that we have our first woman and African American leading the union of more than 12.5 million members.
As I mentioned later today, I have a labor meeting with Congressman Darren Soto. We will be talking about the Infrastructure Bills the Postal Reform Bill and Climate Change for Workers. I meet with him, and others regularly so please contact me with your concerns, and I promise you will be heard. I still need a Letter Carrier Congressional Liaison (LCCL) for Darren Soto. I will also be thanking Darren for attending both our State Convention and Region 9 Rap Session I can’t thank him enough for helping me as much as he does.
I keep six honest men (They taught me all I know) Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who. ……. Kipling.
Please brothers and sisters be smart be safe and be professional. Always be able to go home to your families they need you we need you!
In solidarity Shane Ulbin, Br 1091 Legislative Representative /FSALC District 3 Chairman
407-808-3626 or ulbin86@aol.com (That’s 86 as in the 86 Mets )


Infrastructure Now! Infrastructure Forever!
‘’ A life of service is the rent you pay for Heaven “………. Muhammed Ali
Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I hope all is well with all of you and your families. Why Infrastructure now and forever? Well one example I can give in real time is look at the Port of Los Angeles. The ships are lined up for miles waiting weeks to come to port. Because of lack of berths especially deep ones for the larger ships. Because of lack of trucks to pull the loads away. Because of lack of Longshoreman and Truck Drivers and workers in general. The infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better Bill provides the resources to fix this and so much more. Our ports like our roads, rail roads and airports are old and need to be made better and bigger to keep up with a supply chain that has sat dormant during the pandemic. We lack training for many of the new jobs in green energy the future is already here, and we are not prepared. And we have workers that need to take care of their children or sick members at home, so they work part time to be at home. We need the training we need daycare we need the internet to reach everyone. Our retirees need help with prescriptions, hearing and sight. These bills help with that and so much more. An brothers and sisters we can do this we are America. So, call your Representative and Senators tell them failure is not and option America is at a crossroads, and we need infrastructure now and forever. It’s the absolute heartbeat of America and we can do this.
“I can drown a drink of water and kill a dead tree “………. Cassius Clay.
The feeling is after infrastructure we can get Postal Reform H.R.3076/1720 done. H.R.3076 in the house has moved out of committee. And in the Senate S.1720 has 13 republican co – sponsors which means it could pass the senate with 63 votes. This is our moment our shot it can really happen. It would finally end Postal Prefunding. It would reform the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB)by maximizing Medicare integration. And permanently give us six-day delivery. I recently was interviewed by Jobs for Justice on the FEHB issue and the gap between Medicare and a younger spouse not yet eligible and the result in healthcare costs. I gave permission to edit it for upcoming commercials I did this despite having a face for radio. In other news of importance, the house passed the appropriations bill which provides six-day delivery for the next fiscal year. The Postal Reform Bill would eliminate that procedure and permanently guarantee six-day delivery. So please call your Representative and Senator and tell them to support Postal Reform.
I am sad to announce Fred and Joni Brown have stepped down from their Letter Carrier Legislative Liaison (LCCL) positions for Val Demings and Darren Soto. Their integrity, hard work and grit over all the years in the halls of Tallahassee and Washington will be truly missed. And what they have meant to me during our fight is immeasurable. I wish them much love going into retirement fulltime.
I am proud to announce that Jackie Daly has stepped up to the task for the LCCL for Val Demings. She was part of our releases staff in the last election and made those in Branch 1091 proud. Welcome to the fight sister. I still need a LCCL for Congressman Soto if interested please contact me. I will handle the duties in the interim.
Last month I traveled to Naples as part of the state executive board team. We were tasked with the job of inspecting and negotiating with the hotel for our 2023 state convention. The Naples Grande is a very exciting place with five restaurants and three bars and beach and three pools. I look forward to our next convention and know our delegates will be pleased.
If you’re not giving to our Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF) why not? Its your jobs and your family’s welfare we fight for. Its your future to find out how contact me or Nate Shivers of Azalea Park.
“If you have tears shed them now “……Shakespeare He must of had to give a call!
In solidarity Shane Ulbin, Br1091 Legislative Representative /FSALC District Three Chairman
407-808-3626 or (ulbin86@aol.com


I have worked for National, State, and branch 1091 at various times. But 1091 is always where my heart is. And I never been prouder of our branch then how our volunteers and officers stepped up for our 76th State Convention. Although 1091 was the host branch the responsibility for a successful convention falls on the state board which as district chairman, I am part of. But how the host branch and district step up with ideas, man and women power and arranging entertainment, speakers and anything that arises locally makes it a memorable convention. One in which our business gets done and the delegates and their families have fun. This was made even more difficult because of the unexpected covid surge in Orlando.
Our state president Al Friedman prior to the convention sung high praise for branch President Byron Shelton for as hard as he was working helping us prepare. And I know Byron leaned heavily on fellow branch officers Bruce Hamilton and Lissette Rivera. This was the first state convention since the pandemic that our national president Fred Rolando attended in person. He was so impressed with our preparation from absolutely everyone wearing masks to 1091 volunteers cleaning the guest mics between speakers. To quote President Rolando (Florida has set the standard for the country).
Another highlight was when branch 1091 brother Glen Montenegro started of each day with an inspired and beautiful rendition of our national anthem. I for one think Glen should sing at our national convention in Chicago next year. He is that good!
Our hospitality suite was a hospitality floor as we had the entire 27th floor with 2 bars and room for 200 people. It was a former restaurant with a beautiful view including all the Disney fireworks displays. But with this there was the need for hard working volunteers and 1091 stepped up in a big way.
Our family night dinner was enjoyable with a live rock band whose songs bought back memories. I want to thank 1091 for supporting myself to be elected your district 3 chairman once again. It is an honor I will continue to work hard for our union and try to make branch 1091 proud. Our guest speakers were also inspiring. Congresswomen Val Demings who we are endorsing in her run for senate spoke on our postal issues and how proud she was of the letter carriers for all your hard work during our elections and this pandemic. And delivering while being under attack from our former president. She is not a fan of Postmaster General DeJoy. State House Representative Anna Eskamani who helped over 40,000 Floridians get unemployment benefits during the pandemic told us of all the shenanigans that went on Tallahassee during this year’s session most of which I have written about. I have high hopes for Anna as I expect her to a congresswomen and friend of the letter carriers. Then on Saturday congressman Darren Soto visited all the classes talking to the carriers about all the press conferences we did to protect the usps. He also talked about postal reform, and he also is not a fan of our postmaster.
We along with the AFL-CIO passed out postcards addressed to our senators to ask them to support the Pro Act to help protect collective bargaining. We collected 107 and mailed them. Eddie Davidson from national signed up 104 more contributors to our letter carriers political fund and I can’t thank him enough. If you haven’t signed up, please do so this is important to your future. You can contact brother Nate Shivers from Azalea Park or me.
Next week I will be traveling to Naples along with other members of the FSALC executive board to negotiate our hotel for the 2023 state convention. Naples is beautiful and we all should look forward to our next convention.
I wish all a safe and healthy September. You can contact me at 407-808-3626 or ulbin86@aol.com.

In Solidarity Shane Ulbin, Br 1091 Legislative Representative/ FSALC District 3 Chairman


Pettifogging Tammany Hucksters to Tallahassee Allshucksters!

Hello brothers and Sisters, I trust you are well. Staying hydrated and hopefully vaccinated.
What is a Pettifogging Tammany Huckster? Well pettifogging is endless arguing over little legal details. And Tammany Hall was a corrupt democratic organization in New York during the 1800s. A huckster is a con man. All this sound familiar? Ok so what is an Allshuckster? Well, our governor signed a law that is supposed to stop illegal protesting unless he supports it like the Cuban protests that shut down major arteries in Miami. Well, All Shucks! Now I support the Cuban cause 100% but that’s not the issue. Then our governor signs a voter suppression law. Well on election day he said to the country that Florida’s election went so well the other states should model their elections after ours. Well, All Shucks! Then there was the internet tax law that ends up putting money in the unemployment fund that is supposed to come from corporate taxes like our share comes from payroll taxes the result is we pay taxes twice for the same thing. Well, All Shucks! I can go on, but I think you get it. The more things change the more they stay the same. It must be changed, and we must do it. We can do it by registering to vote and by registering our family members and friends. And then making sure we vote to rid ourselves of these allshucksters that are really hurting our families and way of life. Rise up and be heard!
So, moving on August 26th I attended Representative Stephanie Murphy’s labor advisory board meeting unfortunately the congresswomen had to go to Washington early for the Jan. 26th insurrection committee meeting. So, I met with her chief of staff Brad Howard. I was so happy to introduce our new Letter Carrier Legislative Liaison (LCCL) for Florida District 7 James (Gordy) Ford. It was a very productive meeting mostly centering on the Pro Act and the Infrastructure Bill. The Pro Act is stalled, and the Infrastructure Bill is moving forward so far. I am going to schedule a meeting with the congresswomen to introduce Gordy to her and to discuss the Postal Reform Act to see if we can do anything to move it along in the senate. Gordy is going to be a great addition to our district political team, and I thank him for stepping up.
‘’ Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing ‘…Salvatore Dali

The focus right now by our union is H.R.3076 which addresses prefunding and reform on health benefits to help those who enroll in Medicare when retired late. It also has language that would protect six-day delivery for mail and packages. The Postal Service will also be required to have semi annual reports on its 10-year plan. H.R. 3077 will address ballot tracking, paid parental leave and 8 billion dollars to provide electric vehicles. For those of you that are newer and are not aware of pre- funding the usps is required to pay 5.6 billion dollars a year towards retiree healthcare since 2006. It is an unnecessary burden that hurts the bottom line. This is closest we have been to Postal Reform since 1972 and we need to work hard to make it happen. Please give to the Letter Carriers Political Fund (LCPF) to help this fight. Your donation is needed to help pay for this fight because we cannot use union dues. You can help by voting to keep our friends those who support us in congress and by making sure all you know who can vote also.
A lobbying group Thorn Run Partners has been hired by the city of Winter Park to try to negotiate with the postal service the sale of the Winter Park Post Office on N New York Avenue. The city has been trying to purchase the post office for decades So far, the USPS has turned down a deal believed to be between 12 to 15 billion dollars. The city is also seeking help in congress and is trying to get a bill passed in the senate that would allow the city to use federal money on some of its projects. Talk about salt in the wound! Hope to see some of you at our state convention this month in Orlando. Be Safe Be Smart!

In Solidarity, Shane Ulbin                                                                                                           Branch 1091 Legislative Representative /FSALC Dist.3 Chairman


District Three Welcomes You to Orlando!

Welcome Brothers and Sisters to the Florida State Association of Letter Carriers 76th Biennial State Convention. My name is Shane Ulbin, and I am the district 3 Chairman. I ask that all of you adhere to the hotel and conventions safety protocols. I am confident that we will all have a safe and productive convention. But please while you here in Orlando make sure you and your families have lots of fun in one of the most magical places on earth. Look for any branch 1091 volunteer for any questions you may have or anything you may need to make your stay special. More on that later but first let me introduce to our district.

Our District is composed of five branches. Branch 1091 Orlando our host branch is our largest and is led by new President Byron Shelton. Branch 2689 Space Coast is led by President Sante Zepperi. Branch 5955 Altamonte Springs is led by President Luis Rodriguez. Branch 5192 Apopka is led by President Carlos Rodriguez and Branch 2591 Deland is led by John Adamets. We have four congressional districts and our Letter Carrier Congressional Liaisons (LCCL) have been working hard. District 7 Stephanie Murphy (D) has LCCL Heather Cajigas (1091) District 8 Bill Posey (R) has LCCL Mike Monopoli (2689) District 9 Darren Soto(D) has LCCL Joni Brown (1091) and District 10 Val Demings (D) has LCCL Fred Brown (1091). Val Demings and Darren Soto will be some of our guest speakers and at the time of my writing this Stephanie Murphy has been in contact but has not yet confirmed. We have been successful politically having our congresspersons as co-sponsors on most of our postal agenda to protect our jobs and way of life. During the 2020 campaign most of our letter carrier candidates won and although we lost the presidential race, we won the I-4 corridor turning Seminole and Pinellas counties blue.  Our release staff included James Ford and Jacquelyn Daly (1091), Mike Clark (2689) and myself. During the Georgia Senate runoff, the NALC played a key role in flipping the senate. I was honored to be asked along with Gerry Lonergan to work for the Georgia AFL-CIO. There were three from the NALC that worked administratively Eileen Ford, Donald Griggs and myself. Mike Clark (2689) volunteered to work from home and made many calls on his own and Gerry Lonergan made more calls than any other release staff from any union he was a machine. I worked as the Zone 2 lead and was tasked to run the central Georgia operation from Macon. It was a lot of work, but I could not be prouder of our Florida and Georgia Nalc staff. I sincerely thank all of you for giving us the opportunity to make a difference our union is strong. Please if you have not registered to vote you can do so now, please come see me. And if do not give to the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF) please sign up do so while you are here.

While here there is much for you and your families to enjoy. We have many golf courses in the area Disney Springs which has restaurants, bars and shops is right across the street from our hotel. Of course, there all the Disney Theme Parks right here. And just 20 minutes from here are the Universal Theme Parks including the newer Volcano Bay water park. And Universal City Walk is a hoot with its bars, restaurants and movie theater. Also, about 20 minutes away is SeaWorld which has added some roller coasters and has great shows. Near SeaWorld is I-Drive which has many theme bars and restaurants. Funspot is also there with lots of rides with smaller lines and price. I-Drive is home to the Eye the large Ferris Wheel where you can enjoy a drink with great views. Next door is Madame Tussauds Famous Wax Museum and the Sea Life Aquarium. Ripley’s Believe It or Not and Wonder Works Upside Down Amusement Park is nearby and so much more. About an hour away Branch 2689 has Melbourne and Cocoa Beaches with great downtowns with of course restaurants and bars and shops. They have the Kennedy Space Center and Astronaut Hall of Fame if want that out of this world experience. If baseball is something you like up the road from Cocoa about 90 minutes away from the hotel is Daytona home to more than a racetrack its also home to the third oldest MLB Stadium at Jackie Robison Ballpark. Its home to the Daytona Tortugas Class A baseball (Reds). They will be playing the Jupiter Hammerheads. Watching a game here is like stepping back in time. Jackie Robinson played his first pro game there after the KKK chased him out of Sanford. If you want nature than Branch 2591 has Blue Springs right of off I-4. The springs has crystal clear water where you can swim in 72-degree water too cold for me! If you are into the mystic and want your fortune told or maybe tea with a witch, then not too far from the springs is Cassadaga. And right here in our hotel the huge pool also has a lazy river that is more my speed. And our hospitality room should be one to remember that is also my speed too. So, brothers and sisters there is so much to explore and do please make this a convention to remember!                                                                                                                    In Solidarity Shane Ulbin District 3 Chairman,(ulbin86@aol.com or 407-808-3626)


United We Stand Divided We Crawl!

Greetings Brothers and Sisters! Hopefully, you and your families had a happy and safe Fourth of July!

No matter how you celebrate grilling, beach maybe a ball game we all are united on our great nation’s birthday. Many governments from civilizations past have made sacrifices only to fail. The Romans made sacrifices of nations conquered. The Egyptians made sacrifices from within in their own nation. The Aztecs made human sacrifices to their sun god. They all failed because of selfishness and not of concern for the people. Our nation is one of for and bye the people. And our nation has giving the greatest sacrifice of all. That of our national treasure our defenders of freedom. Our military and their families have sacrificed so much, and many have sacrificed all. We must honor these heroes the way that our great nation allows like no other. And that is to vote! To many do not! Shame on them! So many in this world cannot and dream of some day to have the rights we take for granted. The rights so many Americans have sacrificed for.  So please if your not registered do so! If you are please make sure you vote and vote for what you believe is best for you and your families no matter our differences, we need to stand up for democracy. 


   “Neutrality does not serve righteousness, to be neutral between right and wrong is to serve wrong” …Teddy Roosevelt. 

I am going to keep it short and will be back next month on all the bills you need to know to protect our jobs and families. We will be starting to bring up the heat on Postal Reform to try to get something done before the midterm elections. Our union is a strong one and for that we are lucky. We have many republican and democrat members and despite our differences we stand together, and we must always remember whether in Washington or the Postal Managers office: United We Stand Divided We Crawl!

 “Its easier to build strong children, then to fix broken men “…Frederick Douglas.

Be Safe Stay Hydrated In Solidarity Shane Ulbin Branch1091 Legislative Representative/FSALC District Three Chairman….ulbin86@aol.com or 407-808-3626.


The US Constitution or Contract of America

So, I often wonder how much our constitution and our national contract have in common. The constitution is like our contract it makes law universal for all branches or states and our state legislatures makes law for individual states our branches like a local memorandum of understanding (lmou). The lmou can vary from branch to branch but can never change the contract to do so. The same standard applies for state legislators and our constitution. So why does Florida’s Legislature insist on passing bills that violate not only the US Constitution but the state constitution as well? They end up going to court costing us much taxpayer money only to lose. I can think of at least four that will. Of course, HB1 the anti-riot bill and we have had no riots. Then there’s SB 90 the voter suppression bill. We had the best election ever in 2021 both bills are Governor Ron (Crow) DeSantis favorite. Then there’s SB 50 the internet tax bill that taxes you twice for unemployment benefits as a result. A good bill if not for how they are using it. And there is SPB7080 the Gambling bill this one violates our state constitution bigly. Florida voters have voted an amendment that says any gambling bill needs to go on the ballot for all to vote. That did not happen here whoops. I will be following all these lawsuits that are stacking up just as our union would do grievances if management tried to change your lmou.

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.  Shakespeare.

Management should use Shakespeare when asking for your call for with all the empathy they possess But Brothers and Sisters do not let them rile you up to get you off your game, so you make their call and not yours. Please be safe out in this heat stay hydrated and be always aware of surroundings. Your families need you and you need this job so protect it and them.

    Now back to what I do politics YEAH RIGHT! I know it is a boring subject yet so important. 

We have a new bill introduced that needs our attention. That’s Senate Bill S 1720 this bill mirrors H R 3076. These bills will stop the prefunding that has financially crippled the postal service for years. Other language requires the postal service to maintain integrated package and mail delivery six days a week. The bill will also require the usps to give semi annual reports to congress on its ten-year plan. And provide a public dashboard using nationwide delivery metrics to track delivery performance. It also mandates the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) to review competitive and noncompetitive products and a study of nationwide processing of flats. It also provides the PRC independent budget authority through the Postal Fund preventing it from being impacted by shutdowns and so forth. It also directs the usps to use the most efficient means to transport mail. The Senate bill has ten democrats and ten republicans introducing the bill.

       This bill can be a game changer, so we need all of you to call your representative H R 3076 and senators S 1720 to tell them to support and vote yes on these two bills.


Senator Marco Rubio 407-254-2573     Senator Rick Scott 202-224-5274 You can simply google your representative by using your address or go to NALC .ORG or use our app this call is especially important to you and your families make the call. You can also help by giving to the Letter Carriers Political fund (LCPF). 

Our very dear friend Congresswomen Val Demings is about to announce she is running for Marco Rubio’s Senate seat in 2022. Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy another dear friend of ours has pulled out of the running to support Val Demings. This will be the most watched race in the country. I am currently talking to both congresswomen asking them to be speakers at our upcoming convention in August in Orlando. Congressman Darren Soto has confirmed, and I know an invite has been given to gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and others. Our state legislative liaison Kevin Byrne has been working on a program that breaks down state senate and house districts along with federal districts and how many carriers we have in each this will be a valuable tool to our district chairs like myself. I am thinking of using this tool and maybe bringing back the old carrier corps program but on a state or branch level that will give us the ability to strike fast when needed. More on this as I talk with Kevin.

Let him be kept from paper, pen and ink; so, he may cease to write and think.     (Prior)

So, brothers and sisters thank you for all you do please contact me if I can help, please be safe,

 In Solidarity Shane Ulbin Branch 1091 Legislative Representative / FSALC District 3 Chairman, 407-808-3626, ulbin86@aol.com.


    The Governor and the Salamander

Hello Brothers and Sisters, I hope you are all well and safe. I know its already hot so please drink plenty of water and be aware of signs of heat illness. So, I have been telling you mostly about our issues in Tallahassee. Mainly SB 90 the voter suppression bill which has passed. We won some important changes, but it will be going to court costing taxpayer’s money unnecessarily. It is bill to only to try to prop up our governor for reelection and a possible presidential run that we must pay the price for.

       But I want to talk about our next problem we face in Florida’s political universe. There was a governor in Massachusetts by the name of Elbridge Gerry. The year was 1812 and the legislature passed a bill to make lines on the map for congressional districts. Well, ole Elbridge’s district when it was done looked like a salamander said a local journalist. The district was made to keep as many of the governor’s party together while splitting his opponents to help insure he can win reelection. Soon the national media picked up on the salamander looking district and gave it the nickname Gerrymander. Named after the governor and the name and practice has endured until this day and is known as Gerrymandering.

Today Gerrymandering is worse than ever with both parties equally guilty of this practice. The last time Florida done this the state was found to have done so unconstitutionally and the court ordered how it had to be done. That was then and this is now. And because the census has added another congressional seat to Florida and with this being what has been the most unfriendly legislature for working people probably since Jim Crow, we can safely predict an all-out attack on our districts. When it is done your current representative may not be the same person even though you voted them in office. The end results of Gerrymandering are that the majority of voters are represented by the minority party in office. Not what our forefathers had in mind. And systemic change in this part of our voting system is in dire need. No doubt this to will end up in court with again Floridians paying the bill. We will keep an eye on it and keep you posted.

        I mentioned the worse legislature for working families, maybe ever in Florida. These laws affect us all, letter carriers and their families and our neighbors. This year there are laws for example that will tax you twice. That is right twice. They passed a law that will tax internet sales, which is fair. What is not fair is are they using that money to fix the unemployment system or affordable housing or roads or schools? No, they are paying into the unemployment fund which is supposed to be paid for by businesses. This is to keep their unemployment tax which is one of the lowest in the country for 12 years down. Now you already have a payroll tax that you pay into that fund and now they are taking your internet sales tax to also pay for it you are being taxed twice. Understand this new tax will create over 1 billion dollars in revenue and is going back to corporations that do not even pay taxes here. Another unfortunate law is one that will make rioting or certain protests a felony. Great you say! Well not really this is simply a ruse directed at BLM and like organizations to make political points for future campaigns by some of our representatives including the governor. This law will also end up in court costing us money similar bills have already been found unconstitutional in other states and they already knew that. Understand that this has hardly been a problem in Florida. The only close to a riot we had there were over a hundred arrested and charged as they should be. Our current laws already work. There are other laws to tell you about but for another time.

         Something else I will be watching closely is our budget. The new internet tax provides great revenue as will a new upcoming gambling bill that will be discussed during a special session in May.  But the big income boost is coming from Washington under President Bidens Recovery Act. We are talking about 10.2 Billion dollars and some more to tribal nations. So hopefully this money gets spent on Florida and not lowering taxes.

HB 695 USPS Fairness Bill continues to gather co-sponsors and hopefully will be voted on this year. Please if you are not giving to the Letter Carriers Political Fund this is the time to do so as we fight to protect the Postal Service. Please contact me. Next month I will look at where we are at on our bills and resolutions and nominations. If you have any questions or want to talk about these issues, I can be reached at 407-808-3626 and ulbin86 @aol.com. Yes, you seen that right AOL I have had the same email address and cell phone number for 26 years. That is 4 years less than I carried mail. Be Safe All

Capital is the only fruit of Labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed, …… Abraham Lincoln

In Solidarity,

Shane Ulbin Branch 1091 Legislative Representative / FSALC District Three Chairman


The Crow Has Landed
Greetings Brothers and Sisters, The Spring has arrived we moved our clocks ahead and soon the air will be filled with the sounds of summer. But for our carriers will still be hearing (What is your Call) or (I know you are not on the list, but I have no one else) and many other alternate truths. Just remember to hydrate be safe and make it home to your families.
Our NALC Political work is paying off as the president signed the Covid Relief Bill. The bill has already helped many of our families with a stimulus check. There are higher child tax credits, Medicaid expansion for states who care enough about the working poor to take it. There is Federal Covid Leave that helps many workers carriers included. There is help for making it safer for schools to open.
Our political priorities are many. Starting with the USPS Fairness Act H.R.695 and its companion S.145 both would repeal the postal prefunding. Door to Door Delivery H. Res 109 to protect existing door delivery to residence and businesses. Service Standards House Resolution H. Res 119 which would restore standards to 7-1- 2012 which would speed up our mail and stop plant closures. Anti-Postal Privatization Resolution H. Res 47 this will help protect the future of the service. Social Security Fairness Act H.R. 82 this will help civil service carriers and those in FERS that had another federal job that did not pay into Social Security. There are many other important issues we need to bring to congress such as hazard pay, six-day delivery protection, vaccinations, protective equipment, emergency leave and more.
The president is helping carriers by his appointments and nominations from the USPS Board of Governors, to the NRLB, DOL, and OSHA, and Federal Judges. These will all give the NALC more leverage as we lobby to protect and improve our jobs. The NALC continues to grow relationships with our Representatives and Senators. All the issues I have mentioned are bi- partisan and we have both republican and democrat friends. All this is possible due to our Letter Carrier Political Fund because we cannot use union dues for political projects.
Patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone, Edith Cavell
When our country started only white men that owned land could vote about 6 %. After the civil war they came with (black codes) and in1868 blacks could vote if educated and had no felonies including vagrancy. After reconstruction came the Jim Crow laws which led to poll taxes and literacy tests and white primaries. In 1920 July Perry tried to vote and was arrested this led to the Ocoee massacre he was taken out of the then Orlando jail and lynched. Jim Crow led to segregation at its worst and in 1951 Harry T Moore who had registered thousands to vote was killed when his house in Mims was bombed. He may have survived but he was refused treatment at Fish Memorial and had to go to the only hospital in the area to treat blacks in Sanford. In 2000 some 12,000 voters were purged from the rolls. In 2011 then Governor Rick Scott changed the voter laws cutting the early voting days in half eliminating the Sunday before election day known as souls to the polls. In 2018 voters passed amendment 4 to allow felons to vote but the legislature found ways to water it down. In 2020 Florida had its day in the sunshine our election day was near perfect thanks in part to the Postal Service moving a record amount of ballots Florida was the first state its size to call it for Donald Trump by 3 % a large margin in politics making it a red state.
So here we are today as bill SB 90 and its companion HB15 with much input from our Governor Ron DeSantis will change vote by mail (vbm) from you requesting your ballot every 2 election cycles or 4 years to requesting your ballot every year making it more difficult to vbm and for sure less votes. So that is not enough the new cousin to Mr. Crow, Ron Crow wants to take away early ballot drop boxes even the ones inside the election’s office! And only immediate family can drop off your ballot, now anyone can with a waiver. WHY! Voting changes are being made in 39 other states for no real no true reason. But here in Florida The Crow Has Landed!
In Solidarity Shane Ulbin, Br.1091 Legislative Representative /FSALC District 3 Chairman 407-808-3626


.Eat   A   Peach!

“There ain’t no revolution only evolution, but every time I’m in Georgia I eat a peach for peace “, Duane Allman.

Greetings Brothers and Sisters, there is a revolution going on in our country right now a Labor revolution. Unions are being attacked almost daily. And unions are the voice of all working families. We are the last line of defense keeping our country from going back to the days of the gilded age when workers were at the mercy of corporation and politicians. Unions are being attacked in state legislatures around the country and at the ballot box. Labor showed in this last election what unity can bring when different unions and workers rise up for a common cause. Congress should be paying attention as unity and civility has not been a reality for way to long in Washington.

“For the cause that lacks assistance. For the wrong that needs resistance, For the future in the distance, and the good I can do “, G.L. Banks. This has always been one of my favorite quotes as to me it should be the Shop Stewards creed. Because every day stewards fight this fight on the workroom floor. Everyday a Letter Carrier Congressional Liaison, Legislative Political Organizer, Union Lobbyists or District Chairman are meeting with or contacting politicians in the State Capitals in Washington and in all their district offices to remind them who makes America great. The Workers!  They are lobbying for bills and resolutions that improve the quality of life for working families.

In Washington right now we have H.R.695 the USPS Fairness Act which in the last congress this was one of our resolutions. Now thanks to successful election that has built a labor friendly Washington it is now a bill introduced by Congressman Peter DeFazio. This is the bill that would stop the pre-funding that has crippled the postal service for over a decade.  It now has 239 co-sponsors, and it is currently in the House Oversight Committee. And on 2/5/21 our own friend Congresswomen Stephanie Murphy (D) and David Joyce (R) introduced H. Res 109 our Door-to-Door resolution. This would protect existing door delivery for homes and businesses. Over 36 million customers currently receive delivery to their doors. This has been crucial during the pandemic especially for our elderly and disabled veterans’ 99 percent of these customers wish to keep door delivery. We need all of you to call, email and of course write your congressperson and ask them to support H.R. 695 USPS Fairness Act and H.res 109 Door-to -Door Delivery. And if they already have then please thank them for doing so. And please donate to Letter Carrier Political Fund this is so important as we now have momentum, we need to unite to stand our ground for our jobs and our families. Remember your union dues DOES NOT GO to political funding so we need you to give to LCPF.

In Tallahassee there is State Senate bill or SB 90. This bill would change the way you can request a vote by mail or (VBM) ballot. Right now, it is simple when you request a ballot that request is good for two election cycles or four years. Under SB 90 you would have to request a vbm ballot every year. We do not have an election every year so this will cause less voters and there is no money provided in this bill to help the 67 supervisors of elections to notify these voters of the need to again request a ballot. Remember it was letter carriers that wrote and pushed through the VMB Bill. It has resulted in many more Floridians voting. Our election was near perfect no fraud no problems. Now governor DeSantis wants to add to the bill mandating that the state could not mass mail ballots which is something the state does not do. He also wants to stop or limit the early voting site drop boxes something the state has done for years and something the supervisors say will cause big problems. He also wants to shorten the amount of early voting days. Why? The only difference between now and then is it used to be Republicans that preferred early and vbm voting now it is the Democrats that have used this more. In 2016 1,108,053 republicans and 1,049,809 democrats voted vbm in 2020 it was 1,506,213 republicans and 2,189,710 democrats that voted vbm. This bill was introduced by Senator Baxley and was passed out of the Ethics and Election committee and is currently in the Government Oversight and Accountability and Rules committee. The chair is Senator Ray Wesley Rodrigues. Please google this committee and call them and tell them no our system works fine. This in my opinion is voter suppression. VBM in Florida was the gold standard according to former President Trump.

So now I want to take a moment to congratulate our now former Branch 1091 President Rick Meyers for his retirement. Rick has served our branch with integrity, honor and an overabundance of caution to protect our branch. I always said if it were my job on the line, I would want Rick in the room. My best to you Buddy. And congratulations to our new Branch President Byron Shelton I look forward to advancing our political footprint with Bryon’s leadership. And congratulations to our new Executive Vice President Bruce Hamilton. We are so lucky to have Bruce at this time his experience will help us move smoothly into the future. And I am so excited for our new officer Lissette Rivera our first Madame Vice President! She has the knowledge the skill and hard work ethic to handle the job. Congratulations Lissette! Also, elsewhere in our District our sister Branch 5192 Apopka has a new President, Congratulations Carlos Rodriguez! Carlos has been here before and Branch 5192 has a great path forward Congratulations to all the officers Apopka Rocks.

“For I dipped into the future, far as the human eye could see, Saw the Vision of the world and all the wonder that would be, “Tennyson.

In Solidarity Shane Ulbin, Branch 1091 Legislative Representative

FSALC District 3 Chairman                                                                                                          Ulbin86@aol.com    407/808/3626



Lift every voice and sing a beautiful song that is considered the Black National Anthem. We sing it at every important NAACP event. It was first recited as a poem at a Birthday celebration for Abraham Lincoln. It was written by James Weldon Johnson of Jacksonville Florida. The song is a prayer of thanksgiving and faithfulness and exodus from slavery. Another words it invokes the very principle from our constitution that separates America from every other democracy (We strive to create a more perfect union).

Brothers and Sisters our Union is also built on this basic principle. I read that many letter carriers wonder why they cannot get a bigger increase in their wages then what are in our new contract. First, I would like to say this is a good contract overall and I encourage all of you to vote yes on its ratification. My friends we can achieve better wages and more in future contracts. But you all must understand that as federal employees to do this we have to start in the halls of congress in the home offices of our representatives and senators. President Rolando understands this he knows what we achieve there will bring leverage to future negation tables.

To help you understand how just look at this past historic month what has happened.  January 5th in large part due to labor and a strong presence from the NALC the United States Senate was flipped in a way that will benefit letter carriers and working families. On January 20th Joseph R Biden a labor and postal friendly President was sworn in. And the first women and person of color Kamala Harris was sworn in as Vice President. And as of the writing of this article this administration has a woman as Treasury Secretary the first black Secretary of Defense the first Hispanic HHS Secretary the first member of the LBGTQ community as Transportation Secretary. Yes, we do continue to strive for that perfect union. But unfortunately, on January 6th our capital during a stop the steal protest was attacked. A police officer was beaten to death by the mob of insurrectionists. Four others died in what was for most there a peaceful protest until this large group who many of which seemed to know what they were doing broke away and went our capital. Those responsible must be held accountable. But that night our congress still did their duties and certified the electoral votes. Our constitution once again stood up to challenges we face, and we must all due our part to move on. (Lift Every Voice and Sing).

Already President Biden has fired the General Council for National Labor Relation Board (NLRB). The same gentleman behind the firing of the Air Traffic Controllers under President Reagan. He was a union buster and had no business in that position. The President is raising the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. He has expanded availability of food stamps during this pandemic I felt sick looking at those long food lines across our country as many are out of work. Your Letter Carrier Congressional Liaisons (LCCL) and State and District Chairs and Letter Carrier Political Organizers (LPO) and YOU if you volunteer will be in these home offices and state capitals and Washington DC offices of our Senators and Representatives. We will be pushing your agenda with friends in congress to save the Postal Service to stop Pre-Funding to give the Postal Service the same money considerations they gave other corporations due to COVID-19. To show them all you do for our American communities from our food drive to our MDA contributions to all our heroes out there. And to remind them that you all deliver to every home in America whether they have tested positive or negative you find a way. That makes you all heroes.

So that is how we build leverage that is how we win. But we need help for those of us in the political trenches. We will need community volunteers we will need more contributions to the Letter Carrier Political Fund we need members to step up and help your branches food drive and to help run MDA events. We need you to call your representatives when we ask. Please load the NALC app to your phone because these things happen fast when they do, and you will be able to help in real time. Brothers and Sisters, we all need to up our game on what we have started. (Do we care to match the reality of America to its ideals) Barack Obama said. Are we ready to (Lift Every Voice and Sing)? Yes, we are!

Thank You All ,

In Solidarity, Shane Ulbin FSALC District 3 Chairman

Branch 1091 Legislative Representative.



Hello Brothers and Sisters, a lot is happening around District Three. First, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your families. On Sept. 24th, 2017 we had a special district training with both districts 3 and 4 at the Branch 1091 union hall. It was hosted by both district chairs Bob Henning 4 and Shane Ulbin 3. All the branch presidents attended and were giving special LMOU training by RAA, Lynn Pendleton. The district chairs did a presentation on the Letter Carriers Political Fund or (LCPF) and what it provides for our great union.
Back in August I attended my first meeting on Congresswomen Stephanie Murphy’s Labor Advisory Board. A lot of the letter carrier’s issues from pre -funding to the need of new vehicles were discussed. The Congresswoman was very concerned about safety, vehicles, and our retirement protection. Being named as a labor advisor is asset for the letter carriers that happened because of our LCPF funds at work.
During this past quarter Vice President Anthony Ali and myself have been traveling around to the different branches to give both contractual and legislative updates we hope to get to your branch soon. We are always available to help you sign up for the political fund. If you are a retiree and did contribute, please know that once you retire you need to reup as your donation does not automatically carry over. For those of you that don’t already contribute please start as I call this Save Our Ass insurance. The fund helps us legally elect candidates that protect our interests and jobs. It doesn’t matter what party the candidate is from if they help us we help them that simple. If you don’t believe me just check out how congress tried to put the Postal Service on budget back in Oct. if that happened it would mean that if sequestration happens, they shut down the government you would be out of work, no paycheck, no back pay, nothing. But the good news is thanks to the hard work of our Letter Carrier Political Liaisons or (LCPL) and District Chairs nationwide we have blocked that from happening for this year. We have a lot of friends in congress that stood up for us and without Republican help we couldn’t have done it.
We have many issues in Washington that need our involvement. They would like to raise our pension contributions up to 6.45% over the next 6 years at a carrier cost of up to $3,600 dollars.
They will like to eliminate cost of living adjustments for current and future retirees under FERS. They would like to reduce our pension benefits by basing annuities on a high 5 instead of the current high 3 yearly average. They would like to get rid of the annuity supplement that helps the gap for social security until the age of 62. They would cut the interest rate on the G fund in the thrift plan costing both retired and current letter carriers about32 billion dollars over the next ten years. They would like to make 46 billion in revenue changes that could cost us things like 6 day and door to door delivery costing us jobs. And again, try to put us back on budget. SO, WHAT CAN WE DO!
We can make sure we are registered to vote and that our families and friends are registered to vote. Once we are all registered to vote then we need to SIGN UP TO VOTE BY MAIL! You know vote by mail in Florida was accomplished by letter carriers! So, register and vote by mail.
The other thing we can do is to give to the Letter Carrier Political Fund! PLEASE GIVE, this is our jobs and the fund goes a long way to protecting them. Just 5 dollars a pay period that’s what I give it helps us do what we need because it is illegal to use union dues for political purpose. And again, our Political Action Committee or (PAC) is by-partisan. So please reach out to myself Shane Ulbin at 407-808-3626 or reach out Fred Brown or Anthony Ali and we will help you get signed up.
Please be careful this holiday season as both the Postal Service and the Union need you to come home to your families safe. Have a very Merry Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza.

In Solidarity District 3 Chairman Shane Ulbin


On March 19 District 3 held its spring training. The training was held at the Branch 1091 Union Hall. Thank You Branch 1091 President Dan Tegreeny for the hospitality of the hall. Donuts and coffee were served. Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance was given by chairman Shane Ulbin at 10 am. Followed by the chairman thanking those in attendance. FSALC President Al Friedman, Vice President Anthony Ali, Treasurer Mike Clark and State Education Director Joe Henchen. From the National branch were Legislative Political Organizer Ed Davidson, Regional Area Assistant Lynne Pendleton and from Nalcrest Matty Rose. Also thanked were Congressional District Liaisons from FL 7 Fred Brown ,FL 9 Joni Brown ,FL 10 Ray Moten FL 8 Mike Monopoli and from FL 6 Dennis Bonilla . Finally the Branch Presidents from 5955 Luis Rodriquez ,5192 Chris Hamrick ,5561 Sharon Capo ,2591 Betty English ,2689 Mike Monopoli and from 1091 Dan Tegreeny.

We welcomed special quests: Congressman Darren Soto and his Congressional Labor Assistant Darren Veriday.

Also thanks to the Forty-Two attendees. These trainings are important as you bring what you learned back to your fellow carrier’s family and friends. A special thanks to letter carrier Daniel John Sepetauc for all his help it is truly apricated.

We started in the morning with President Al Friedman speaking on the upcoming state convention, food drive, postal reform bill and many other state issues we face here in Florida. Al was followed Congressman Darren Soto who spoke of the reform bill the importance of letter carriers and the postal service to our country. He also told us of many labor issues ongoing in Washington and the fight ahead.

RAA Lynne Pendleton spoke and updated us on NALC issues and the new Postal Evaluation Tracking or PET program which like DOIS is a tool for carrier calls.
Matty Rose followed and told us about NALCREST our wonderful retirement community here in Florida He also explained the AFL-CIO Working Families Lobbying Corp which sends people to Tallahassee on behalf of labor. Call your CDL or myself for more information.

We then broke for lunch supplied for by the state association.
After lunch LPO Ed Davidson spoke on the postal reform bill, our retirement health plan and so much more from Washington. Ed took many questions and was very informative

And finally, RAA Lynne Pendleton gave us an outstanding class on Route Counts. She supplied us with much information and supplies to take home for future reference. A class every carrier should take.

Hope to see all of you at our state convention here in Orlando in august. And please help in any way you can in this year’s Letter Carrier Food Drive.

In Solidarity District Three Chairman Shane Ulbin

Click here for photos from District Three Meeting 

District Three Training

Hello Brothers and Sisters my name is Shane Ulbin and I am both honored and humbled to be named to serve as the District Three Chairman of the Florida State Association of Letter Carriers (FSALC). I enthusiastically look forward to working with the Branch Presidents and Congressional District Liaisons of District 3 to represent our membership. Let me first share with you a little history of myself.

I’ve been a member of the NALC for twenty-six years and twenty-one of them with Branch 1091.  I transferred from New Jersey back in 1991 where I was a member of the Teamsters for 2 years and the UAW for 10 years and helped organize 13 buses to join a massive labor protest in Washington against President Reagan after the firing of air traffic controllers whom were trying to organize.

While with Branch 1091 I have served as a Shop Steward for 14 years and a Formal A Representative for the past 13 years. I have served on two JRAP teams and one MIRAP team. I have been a branch Trustee for 3 years and the Food Drive Coordinator the last 2 years.

For the Florida State Association of Letter Carriers, I have served as the Congressional Liaison for Florida District 7 (John Mica) for 5 years. And I have been on the State Audit Committee for the last 3 audits. I also contribute the Letter Carrier Political Action Fund and have been a member of the E-Activist Network.

For National I served as Worksite Coordinator for Working Families during the 2012 release campaign in Orlando. I am currently on release staff for Working America Coalition Political Action Committee (WAC-PAC) in Orlando.

With two important bills the Postal Service Reform Act (HR5714) and the Improving Postal Operations, Service and Transparency Act or (IPOST) (S2051) before the House and Senate this year’s election is vital to the rank and file. I encourage all of you to please vote make sure your registered and vote by mail which is an option this year please contact your Supervisor of Elections for the easy details.

Working America is a PAC from the AFL-CIO and NALC release staff assigned to the WAC-PAC are paid for from the Letter Carrier Political Action Fund. These staff members work long and hard in many cases well over the 40 hours they are paid .SO PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THE FUND! This election Florida and especially District 3 are ground zero for what is arguably the most important and historical one ever. And here in central Florida we have a chance to win 3 congressional and a senate seat in part due to redistricting and in part to one of the most unusual elections ever.

In Congressional District 9 State Senator Darren Soto is the favorite candidate and if elected he would be the first Puerto Rican Congressman in history. In Congressional 10 former Orlando Police Chief Val Demmings is another favorite. And in Congressional District 7 a newcomer Stephanie Murphy is in a tossup with incumbent John Mica that right tossup!

On the Senate side we have a chance to replace Marco Rubio with Patrick Murphy and of course in the White House we have endorsed Hillary Clinton. All these candidates have proven to be great friends of the Letter Carriers. So please contact your CDL or myself and volunteer, contribute and VOTE!
In Solidarity Shane Ulbin