District One

Frank Ramirez


Executive Board District 1

District 1 contacts

National Trustee Mike Gill, Congresswoman Donna Shalala, and District One Chair Frank Ramirez


District One Training                                                                                                                     March 8, 2020           10:00-2:00                                                                                                           South Florida Letter Carriers Branch 1071 Union Headquarters                                         4225 Flamingo Road, Miramar, FL 33027


First and Foremost I would like to thank Al Friedman in appointing me as your new District One Chairperson. It is an honor to serve the members within the District. I would also like to thank Marylyn Ray for doing such a fine job as your previous District One Chairperson. I want to thank you Marylyn for spending your time with me and teaching me how to better serve the members. At the end of the day, it’s all about the members.
I currently represent members as a backup DRT Representative for the South Florida District. I have held many hats within Branch 1071 such as Shop Steward, MDA Coordinator, and Letter Carrier Political Fund Coordinator. I’m a proud graduate of the NALC Leadership Academy. I have made several trips to Tallahassee and Washington lobbying on behalf of the members as a CDL.
My goals for our District are to ensure all our US Representatives are supporting our bills. We need to educate our Legislators and members the importance of HRes 15, 28, and 31.
I ask that each and every one give to the Letter Carrier Political Fund. The money is used to send activist such as myself and others to ensure our Legislators support our bills.
I look forward in meeting and communicating with all the Branch Presidents within the District. I want to thank all of my CDL’s for a fantastic job they do. I vow not to every give up. I will continue to fight for all Letter Carriers. This is my pledge to you.
Frank Ramirez