Cory Gibson



Cory R Gibson Sr.
Secretary, FSALC
4075 Button Bush Cir.
Lakeland, FL. 33811



Have you downloaded the new NALC app to your phone or tablet? It’s free to download in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. Just search “NALC Member App.” You can download it to your cell phone or tablet. I have it on my Cell phone and tablets. There is so much information that you can get from it. And did I mention that’s free? That’s the best part of it. I will go over some of the things that you can get from the app.
After you have downloaded the app it will give you a brief introduction to some of the things you can access. It will ask you if this is your home zip, and if so just hit YES. You’ll then see a new page asking you check what you are interested in. You can choose from Workplace Issues, Legislative and Political Affairs, General News/Information, Union Administration just to name a few. It is surprising all the great information that you will find.
You’ll find the latest pay chart and COLAs, NALC Bulletins (latest and previous issues). In the NEWS section there will be articles that pertain to us as Union and anything that is Political that will affect us and the Postal Service. That is a valuable section to stay informed.
Under GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS you can find out who is your Congressional representatives are. Issues and Facts Sheet is where you will find what Bills are on the floor that are, or are not, in our best interest. Here you can also sign up for the Letter Carrier Political Fund. This whole section will keep you up on what is going on in Congress that will affect are jobs. To me this is the most important section.
Under WORKPLACE RESOURCES is where the 2011-2016 NALC-USPS National Agreement can be found. If voted in you will find the new agreement here. It also has various handbooks and manuals like the M-39, M-41, JCAM and MRS Index. The CCA Resource Guide is there too. It also has informational articles from Ron Watson, our Director of Retired Members. If you look under “Injured on the job”, this can help you with what you need if you ever do get hurt on the job. That in its self is priceless.
There is even a Rotating Calendar. It will ask if you have fixed or rotating days off and when is your NS day in this service week. You have a day off calendar that you will know what days off you have down the road at your finger tips.
There is so much more that I haven’t even covered. This is a well thought out and informative app. Once you download the NALC Member App you’ll be surprised with how much useful information there is in this app. And did I mention that it’s free…..

In Solidarity,   Cory R. Gibson      12/13/2017


I would like to take this time to say, I’m honored to serve as the Florida State Association’s Secretary.  I am looking forward to this opportunity and working with State Officers and representing our Union at a higher level.  It will be hard filling the shoes of long time Secretary O. D. Elliott and our past Secretary Joanne Wright.

I have been a member of NALC from 1983. When I was first hired in Miami with the Postal Service I was a member of branch #1071. In 1997, I transferred to Lakeland from Miami where I am a member of branch 1779. In 1997 I was appointed as Shop Steward and a short time later was also appointed the OWCP Representative. In 2005 I was appointed branch 1779’s Financial Secretary – Treasurer.  I have continued as the local branch Financial Secretary – Treasurer for over nine years. I have served on various committees for our local branch. While continuing to represent my local branch 1779, I am looking forward to representing the FSALC as the State   Secretary.

Thank you for this opportunity.

In Solidarity

Cory R. Gibson