FSALC Mission Statement To accomplish the goals of the National NALC, as set  forth in the National Constitution and to enforce the State Bylaws. Make the internal workings of the FSALC’s Transparent and Accountable to the membership. Through Education and Training, make the State first in the nation Legislatively, and in all other aspects of UNIONISM. Together the membership will prevail…The Struggle Continues.


State political and NBA Contractual Training Schedule

Feb. 26th, Jacksonville Branch 53 Union Hall                                                                             631 Park St., Jacksonville, FL 32204 10am-2pm

March 5th, Miami Branch 1071 Union Hall                                                                               4225 Flamingo Rd., Miramar, FL 33027  10am-2pm

March 19th, Orlando Branch 1091 Union Hall                                                                          4790 Deauville Drive, Orlando, FL 32808  10am-2pm

March 26th, Bradenton Branch 1779 Union Hall                                                                        706 19th Ave., W Bradenton, FL 34205  10am-2pm

April 30th, Pensacola Branch 321 Union Hall                                                                           3817 North S St, Pensacola, FL 32505  10am-2pm


Important Notice!!!

Everyone that wants to vote by mail needs to re-request their Vote-By-Mail (VBM) ballots for the 2023/2024 General Election cycle. Below is a link to find Supervisors of Elections for all Florida counties, as well as a link to check the status of your VBM request.

We urge everyone to request vote-by-mail ballots to avoid lines, unexpected situations, possible intimidation, bad weather, etc. If you later decide to vote in person, you can still vote in person. If you decide to vote in person, we suggest that you bring your vote-by-mail ballot with you to have it canceled so you can vote in person. It is not necessary to bring your VBM ballot to vote in person but bringing it with you can save time and avoid any problems.

The March 14th Municipal Elections are rapidly approaching. Don’t wait until the last minute. The deadline to request that a VBM ballot be mailed to you is 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 4, 2023


Request a Vote-by-Mail Ballot

Requests for vote-by-mail ballots must be received in your local Supervisor of Elections office no later than 5:00 pm on the 10th day before an election.

Contact your local Supervisor of Elections to request a vote-by-mail ballot. You may request a vote-by-mail ballot in person, by mail, email, fax or by phone. Only the voter or a designated member of his or her immediate family or legal guardian can request a vote-by-mail ballot for the voter. Immediate family means the designee’s spouse, parent, child, grandparent or sibling of the designee or of the designee’s spouse.

As a voter requesting a vote-by-mail ballot, you must provide your:

  • name
  • address
  • date of birth
  • signature (written requests only)

If an immediate family member or legal guardian is requesting a vote-by-mail ballot for you, that person must provide the above information about the voter as well as the following:

  • Requester’s name
  • Requester’s address
  • Requester’s driver’s license number (if available)
  • Requester’s relationship to voter
  • Requester’s signature (written requests only)
  • All Florida Counties: https://www.myfloridaelections.com/Contact-your-SOE

You can also check your Vote-by-Mail status HERE: https://dos.myflorida.com/elections/for-voters/check-your-voter-status-and-polling-place/vote-by-mail-ballot-information-and-status-lookup/

Keep in mind that everyone will need to renew their Vote-by-Mail Ballot requests for 2023 & 2024. Be sure to request a ballot for ALL your eligible elections.


 REQUEST YOUR VBM BALLOT NOW! MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS ARE ON MARCH 14TH. The deadline to request that a VBM ballot be mailed to you is 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 4, 2023


State Legislative Liaison Kevin Byrne, FSALC President Al Friedman, and former NBA , FSALC President Matty Rose with Congresswoman Val Demings, candidate for U.S. Senate. Seen here at the FL AFL-CIO Biennial Convention in Orlando.

Former NBA and FSALC President Matty Rose and State Legislative Liaison Kevin Byrne recently attended the Florida AFL CIO Strategic Planning Conference and Retreat in Cedar Key, FL. Seen here with Mike Williams, President FL AFL-CIO


















Thank you letter from NALC Disaster Relief Foundation


Region 9 Updates


As a result of the rapidly changing events due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the NALC has established a dedicated page where you can read updates, memos, stand up talks, as well as using it a source for more information. Rather than have you read through pages and pages of information, I ask that you visit the nalc page here. If there is any more information you need, please contact me.

Kevin Byrne, webmaster                                                                        kevinjbyrne54@gmail.com